Monday, February 28, 2011

You Jelly?!?

In 6 days I will be getting down and dirty in a pool filled with jello. I plan on trying to dominate, but really I hope to just not look like an idiot! To top this off I found out that we have invited my old team The Sarasota Roller Girls to come and be our opponents. I am having a hard time reconciling my feelings about skating against them on March 13th for out bout, now I get to wrestle them in jello too? Sigh...

So who wants to see me make a fool of myself this Saturday?!?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One More Time....

Because this is my favorite photo from Saturday morning. My baby girl jamming for her team, the Sly Doggies.

I couldn't be prouder!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ketoacidosis waiting on the next jam to start, He was outside pack ref.
Dyna-Mo playing pivot for her team and signaling her blockers to come to the front and make a wall & block the opposing jammer.
Dyna-Mo jamming for the Sly Doggies.
If you haven't seen my Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, You don't know that my lovely kidlets had their first bout for Junior Derby on Saturday. Junior is AKA- Ketoacidosis the Ref and Morgan is AKA- Dyna-Mo! It went really well and the team Morgan was on, the Sly Doggies, won 134 to 114. All the kids did really well. The one penalty that kept popping up over and over was mouth guard. (If you're on the track, ya gotta have it in!) Everyone had fun and the kids raised $$ for the Manatee Humane Society. I was so proud of both of my little derby demons!

Can't wait till the next bout!

Friday, February 25, 2011

So Over it!

(Photo found here.)
This crap I have had for the last two weeks may finally be on it's way out! I have been sucking on bottles of Nyquil and mainlining Dayquil so much that I am surprised I don't ooze the stuff from every orifice! It's been rough, I know that much. The worst was last weekend. You'll remember, that was when I had the family weekend in Orlando at Universal planned ON TOP OF our opening roller derby bout in Ocala Fl. We had originally planned the weekend so we could catch the B52's in concert at the Mardi Gras celebration in Universal Studios, but I missed that. The ick was making me so tired that by 8:30pm every night I was in bed and asleep. Talk about feeling old!! I missed the Mardi Gras parade, missed the concert, and I'm quite sure my family was soooooo thrilled about taking me for a drag around the parks during that day! (sarcasm!)

Oh, and then there was the bout in Ocala!! Holy crap! I wasn't sure what I was going to do to be ready. I was sneezing, coughing, couldn't take a full breath, and dipping back and forth between running a fever and not running a fever. I had no clue what to do. Then I came up with a new cocktail that solved all my problems. I call it the Hell On Wheels.

1 Sugar free Red Bull shot.
2 tbsps. Dayquil
1 32oz. bottle of orange Gatorade.

Swish together well and chug, chug, chug!!! I was on my feet and ready to hit! It lasted till after the bout and almost through the after party, but eventually it wore off and I just wanted to come home and snuggle with HHH.

So now I think I am finally on the mend from this icky what ever it is I caught from Mad Cap! (at least, I think it was her!) Thankfully, I didn't give it to the kids or HHH. Now, on to spring and all the pollen and crap that comes with that!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

So Cool.

I had the loveliest conversation with Linda Fabsits on Thursday morning, or as you may know her, Employee 3699! Well, it was morning for me, yet late evening for her as she is in India right now living a grand adventure with her husband! We met at Adam's last Halloween party, where I also got to meet Fraughter, her lovely daughter. We talked about kids, her grand kids, how sports in India are all proper and civilized, Jet lag, etc etc etc. It was awesome. I find it so totally cool that I can have a regular conversation with someone who is on the other side of the planet! That is awesome! I love that about the internet!

Now to convince Linda she wants to come to Sarasota/Bradenton for a visit!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now It's Their Turn!

This Saturday at 8:45am Mo and Jr will have their first bout. It's an inter league bout since there aren't any other Junior derbys near by, but it is going to be awesome! I am so excited! Junior is doing outside reffing, and Morgan is playing for the Sly Doggies. Her team is called the Sly Doggies and the team they are playing against is called the Tricky Kitties because they are donating profits from their first real bout to the Manatee Humane Society! Yep! These kids will be skating, having a fun time, and raising money for the animals! t will be a great time and you can bet I will get some photos of it!

Hope to see you there!


(photo found here)

There are a lot of lazy things people do in this world. Changing traffic lanes without signaling? LAZY! Putting the milk carton back in the refrigerator with 1 teaspoon of milk in it? LAZY!! Dirty clothes dropped on the floor instead of in the hamper? L-A-Z-Y!!! As a former cleaning lady, I had seen it all.... All the piled up trash cans, heaps of dishes in a sink next to an empty dishwasher, nasty used condoms/sex toys/lube bottles, etc... you name it, all in the name of being a lazy bastard!

Today I saw something that just irked me!

Ever since we have had a dog, I have cleaned up after him. First with Toby, then Bernie, and now Gobo. Our apartment community has Dog Pot baggie stations all over the grounds so people can pick up after their pets when the do the doo. I always make sure I have a bag before hand by taking a new bag as I'm dropping the used one in the Dog Pot can and tying it around the handle of the retractable leash! Nothing is more annoying than being out in the dark at 5:30am while the dog is doing the hunch dance and trying to remember where he made his "deposit" after having shuffled over to get a bag! Well, I guess not everyone is like me in that respect!

This morning, as I was walking over to the Dog Pot station to drop off Gobo's leavings, I almost stepped in the BIGGEST pile of dog shit I have ever seen!! It was almost as big as my dog!!! And you wanna know the kicker to it all?


One frickin' foot!! Who the fuck is that damn lazy?? The bags and the can are right there you lazy punter! Be a decent human and pick up your dog's damn shit! Now, there are lot's more people here who don't pick up their dog's crap, but that one just tweaked me something fierce. If you love your pets, pick up their crap!

Anyone else have this problem where they live?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yes, I had an artsy schmartsy couple of photos put up on here for a blog post, but let me amend that with THE BEST photo from Sunday's after party!!

Note the freak in the back doing her best Gene Simmons impression!
(Yeah, that's me!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Purple and Gold

Well, not purple, per se..... but almost. Maybe a sort of hot pink with purple undertones.

I love spring!


It has taken a year and a half of work, training with a personal trainer, and switching to another team, but I finally got my first win!! The Bombshells won their opening road bout last night in Ocala 173-104 against the Ocala Cannibals!! It was awesome! I was sick most of the time. It was difficult to concentrate. We did it though. It was a great feeling after waiting so long to finally get that win!!

And now I need more Dayquil!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Mutha Trucka!

I purchased a second vehicle today.

We got a truck.

Not just any truck. A Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. It's H-U-G-E!
(Heh, heh... that's what SHE said!)

I'll get photos tomorrow and put them up here. Needless to say, I could fit the Cloud in the bed of it!! Poor Cloud..... I hope it doesn't get jealous!! Either way, now I have Cloud to get around town with and Truck to go on journeys, such as this weekend's journey to Universal for the B52's concert! What whaaaaaaaaaat!

But I'm still sick. I'd really like that to go away now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, I am catching a cold. My throat was on fire all day today. I tried to ignore it, but that just wasn't happening. Finally I broke down and had HHH drive me to Wall to Wall Mart so I could get some Nyquil. I bought cherry flavor, which didn't really mix well with the orange gatorade I bought to chase it. All I know is I can't be sick come Sunday because the Bombshells have a bout coming up then and I gotta be on my A game..... Bad enough I started a week early and I'll be on the rag for it already!!

If you haven
t guessed yet, I already took the Nyquil and I'm just ramblig on... Like I got Mo's wheels for her skates today. Tomorrow I'll get Jr.'s skates!! Yayayayyayayayayayay!

OK. Good night...zzzzzzzzzzz

I'm still Here...

Just been a little busy this week!

I'm scanning the internet for info from the bout on Sunday. Then I'm plucking the links and getting them up on Twitter and FB so the rest of the team can see them and then get them out to all of their friends, etc, etc, etc.....

Then HHH asked me if I could make up a quick birthday cake for a coworker, so I made up a 2 tiered yellow cake with home made butter cream icing. Yeah, I'm good.

Now if I could just do something about this sore throat that I have coming on!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I went to practice last night, and for 2 hours I kicked ass and took names. Then I came home to a lovely steak and shrimp dinner prepared by HHH.

And because we never have any luck on VDay....

I woke up feeling nauseous. I don't think the shrimp are sitting well and there may be puking involved.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bout Photos!

Yakuza won MVP.
Junior reffing tonight's Jr. Derby Exhibition.
FMDG's ladies skating.
Presentation of Best Jammers & Blockers.
Oh Sweet Nubblets/Ketoacidosis warming up.
Warming up!
Calling the jam.
Cham-Pain Super Nova at the Merch table!

It was a great game. Bradentucky led the whole game till the last jam. Then FMDG caught up right at the end and it looked like they won by 1 point,


FMDG's jammer committed a foul by calling off the final jam when she wasn't the lead jammer, causing the head ref to call for an overtime penalty jam. Tenacious C ripped around the track, scored 2 points to take Bradentucky over the top 167 to 166!! It was a nail biter all the way and the teams played awesome. Can't wait till it's my turn next Sunday in Ocala!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Reals, Yo!

I'm a real Bomber now! I have a Jersey!

Gonna test it out on Feb. 20th!!
Who's gonna come see??

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Okee dokee people! I pulled up all the comments, numbered them, threw those numbers in a random number generator and the RNG spit out number 6 and that is....

.....drum roll please......


Otherwise known as @LilMissTiedUp on Twitter, Nicole was #6. I had a bit of a problem while picking the winner though, because I knew the #4 had tweeted and FB'd the post, but forgot to put a comment on the post about both of those things. After wringing my hands about it, I had to go with my own rules I set forth and pick the actual 6th person on the comments list! I'm sorry. Please don't hate me!!

So, Congrats to Nicole! I'll send along that code right away!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Don't Do Valentine's Day

I thought about it long and hard and I have come to a conclusion.

I just don't do Valentine's Day.

See, usually when ever HHH and I have tried to do something for Valentine's day, it either ended in disaster or never got off the ground. I remember one time, we made reservations at The Melting Pot up while we were living in Memphis. We got there on time, but had to wait for our table. We ordered champagne, but it was a half bottle, not a full one. We ordered the special Fillet & Lobster dinner for two, but the chef and kitchen staff forgot to de-vein the lobster and I got a big old mouthful of lobster poo. You see the trend here, right? Yeah. It usually goes like this. And that is when we can go out. With HHH being a maintenance guy, there is the high probability he will be on call, negating the possibility of going out at all. So much for that.

Then there's the part where I REFUSE to pay big $$$$ for stuff that usually costs $ when it isn't some holiday. Why do flowers that normally cost $15 suddenly cost $60 just because of the date? And don't give me that "supply and demand" crap. These retailers have enough supply. They spend months getting ready. I can understand if there was a shortage, but if there is a shitload of stuff left over on February 15th??? Well, then there was enough supply!

I don't know.... maybe I'm just not much of a romantic. I really want to be, but it just never works out that way, so I pretty much just let it go. I get the kids their Valentine's from the store to take to school and that's that. Sometimes we will exchange gifts. This year HHH asked me what I wanted and I told hin a Keurig. Well, he got me a Keurig a week or so ago and it was even red! Valentine's Day is already done! Yay!

Now bring on Easter so I can get the last of the Candy Centric Holidays out of the way. Halloween to Easter is just a frickin' nightmare for diabetics! And don't forget that I will be posting the winner of the CSN Gift Code Contest on Friday!! Remember to come back and check!

Award Win, Parent Fail.

My winner! He got the A/B Honor Roll.
He's such a great kid. I love him so much.
He's smiling, but I know he was a little disappointed because I got to the ceremopny late and didn't actually get to see him go up to get his award. Sigh.... there's no excuse either... I just forgot. Great Mom right?? So super.... He was glad I got there though. And he's just so damn cute to photograph! The new camera makes his eyes pop.

So, there you have it, my baby boy kicking booty in the classroom!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's On Like Donkey Kong!!


The Bradentucky Bombers host a night of fun to raise money for the league and their skaters

(February 6, 2011)--The Bradentucky Bombers will be hosting a fundraiser filled with live bands, wrestling, and an advertising auction on March 5, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. The event will take place at the Distillery Tavern in Bradenton. The Bombers will kick things off with tourney style Jell-O wrestling, where you can see the Bradentucky Bombers and the Sarasota Roller Girls wrestle against each other (and themselves!). Spectators are encouraged to cheer on their favorite skaters!

The Bombers will also be holding an “A$$”vertisement auction. Local businesses will be given the opportunity to advertise their logo on their favorite Bradentucky Bomber’s bloomers, which she will wear for bouts.

To provide the entertainment for the night, there will be live music by Lesson Learned, Pretty Voices, and BossHawg.

There is a $5 cover at the door and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon all night with the purchase of a Bradentucky Bombers souvenir cup. The Bombers will also be holding raffles for incredible derby prizes.

Who: The Bradentucky Bombers

What: Jell-O wrestling, live music, and auctions to raise money for the league

When: Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.

Where: The Distillery Tavern, 108 44th Ave. E, Bradenton FL

Home Sick!

The Eldest is home sick today. She has had the coughing crap ever since last week. Maybe even before that. She went with us to derby last night but she sounded awful. On the way home we stopped off at Wall to Wall Mart, got medicine and chocolate, and came home to shower and sleep. I ate chocolate and then took 2 of the cold pills because I was having trouble breathing through my nose.
Hoo doggie! I woke up this morning with a whopper of a stomach ache. Oh yippee.

So Eldest is on the couch under blankets while the other two are at school. I made it to and from without barfing so yay for me. Now to get through the day!

What are you all doing??

Monday, February 7, 2011

Well Isn't That Super!

My break down:

4lbs of chicken wings.
1lb of Potato Salad.
1lb of Macaroni Salad.
17 Sliders.
2 Bowls of Tortilla Chips.
1 Bowl of Salsa.
1 Bowl of carrot & celery sticks.
1 Bowl of Ranch.
1 Bowl of Bleu Cheese.

5 People watching the Super Bowl.

We had a really good time. I only had to get pissed off at the kids once. I had fun tweeting the plays and commercials and seeing my friends feed back. My favorite commercials of the night were the VW Darth Vader Kid and Bud Light's Dog's Playing Poker. A few had me scratching my head. Groupon's "Tibet" spot seemed a little tactless and in poor taste. Even later when I found that Groupon was donating money to the charities they were lampooning, I still found it in poor taste. Meh.... that's just me. Snickers was funny, but not as much as last year. They just outdid themselves w/Betty White and how do you follow that??

So Congratulations to Green Bay. It was a good game. I love a heavily contested fight rather than a blowout, and the Packers & Steelers did just that. I'm quite sure the people of Pittsburgh will be saying Big Ben should have gotten his head out of the Dallas titty bars and into the game, but that's neither here nor there.

Now for 6 months of no football..... Thank God I have derby!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Super!!

It's Super Bowl time again! I don't watch it for the game... not unless my team is in there, But since they aren't, I'm going to be watching for the commercials! My favorite last year was the Snickers commercial with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. There is a lot of hype about Ozzy & Bieb's being in one, and the VW one with the kid dressed as Darth Vader. It should make for an interesting evening.

On a little side note, I got my skates kicked out from under me accidentally at practice Saturday morning and landed on my left/back side and elbow. I am now the proud owner of a bone stinger right on my elbow joint! Yes I got a stinger THROUGH my elbow pad!!!! Talented?? Yes. Yes I am. Here's hoping the football players in the game are a little more talented than me!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Grown Up

My grown up girl all dressed up for the Valentine's Dance at her school Friday evening. She saved her babysitting money and we went shopping at a resale shop where she got the dress and jacket. She wore the heels she bought earlier last month with them and danced the night away!

Damn I feel old now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Hate Me.....

Because I live in a place where it is almost possible to go to the beach year round!
Because we can pretty much grill out every day if we wanted to.
Because this is what January 30th looks like.... green grass(more or less), sunshine, and short sleeves!

It's one of the reasons I love living here! I don't care that the temps approach double digits in the summer. That just means it's time to hit the beach or the pool. I don't care that we have hurricanes. If you can watch TV, you can get thew hell out of the way if it comes towards you. I'm not rubbing it in, just praising my neck of the woods!

You all should come down for a visit.... you know, when you get all dug out and such!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because I'm Awesome.....

.... I just realized that the very same weekend that our family is going to be in Orlando for some celebrating of the two little ones birthdays and for HHH and myself to see the B52's is also the very same weekend of my first bout!!

It's an away bout against the Ocala Cannibals. It's on 2/20/11.

Oh. Mai. GAWD!!!

How the hell did I let that happen?? Shit shit shit! So now I'm trying to figure what the hell I'm going to do that weekend! AUGH!! It's looking more like we are going to go up on Friday, spend the day at the parks, stay over on Friday night, go to the parks again on Saturday, stay for the B52's concert, stay over on Saturday night, drive back Sunday morning so I can catch the team carpool up to Ocala, play the bout, go to the after party, then drive back to home!!

Holy Jebus, that's a lot of miles!!!

Kyrie Elasion!(That's Latin for God have mercy for you noobs!)