Thursday, January 6, 2011

Transformation -----> 95% Complete!

Remember when Halloween rolled around and my mini me decided to dress up as a demon roller girl? Well.... the transformation is almost complete. She has decided to cut ballet out because it is becoming evident that her diminutive stature is making it difficult.... and she really wants to do .....


Yes, Morgan wanted to ditch ballet for juniors roller derby. Tonight we took her to the sporting goods store and got her pads, a mouth guard and a helmet. She already has skates, but now she is outfitted with all the safety gear needed to become a member of the Bradenton Derby Brats. She has decided to be Lil' Blonde and number 5 1/2! It will be awesome. Saturday will be her first practice.

Heh heh.... and I shall call her... Mini Me!


Megan said...

They have kids' derby? How cool! Good luck to Morgan.

Poppy said...