Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff From Saturday.

Mo started derby on Saturday morning. She is in the beginners class learning basic moves. Today was learning how to do a knee drop & how to fall properly. Yeah, when you're in derby, you gotta learn how to fall down properly... just ask Karl!!
Our new bout poster was released last week. It's the season opener. I probably won't skate this one. It's a Bomb Squad bout and I'm sincerely wanting to do a season on the Bombshell squad. It will help me learn their ways. Still, I'm hoping to get some good photo's of the bout.
Got a new mouth guard. This is a gel max guard. It's comfy. It molds to every contour of my mouth and teeth. It has a leash to attach it to my helmet straps. I love the guard, not too keen on the leash.
This is the old guard. It's almost chewed through, has dried blood I can't get out of the front of it, and it's really fugly looking.
And lastly, Gobo decided to hop in the shower with HHH & myself. He was whining and crying and OMG I finally opened the curtain and boom, there he was. So, we washed him, got out, dried him off and this was what he looked like! Floofy, cute, and a complete doggie dork! He may be a dork, but he's MY dork.

And that's it for Sunday for me! What did you guys do?

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