Saturday, January 1, 2011


Oh my Gawd! My shoulder is beginning to kick my ass. The pain is like a searing electric bolt running from my shoulder to my elbow and back. I haven't been able to sleep well. Haven't been able to do a lot of things. I was hoping when it warmed up the pain would lessen, but no dice so far.

In other news, UF won it's bowl game Saturday! It was Urban's last stand before retiring and moving on, (Rumor has it he may join ESPN's commentator desk.), and I swear to you, when Urban and Joe Paterno met at mid field before the game started, I saw Joe mouth..."Hey man, retiring before 85 is just a pussy move!"..... but I could be wrong. With that win, every Florida team with the exception of Miami won their bowl games! Yay!

Then there was the Rose Parade today. The hosts were meh.... Al Roker was ok, but the chick he had with him sucked ass. She kept mispronouncing peoples names, town names, and she Pronounced Merle Haggard as Maril Haggard!! Um... OMG! Then to top all that off, NBC flubbed the order of the floats to the teleprompter's text and a high school came away with a huge win!! Because of the flub, the high school marching band that was on the frame got a 3 to 5 minute play of TV time!!! Usually they only get 10 to 15 seconds! Total win!!! The floats were awesome as usual. The fly over was great too! Then the University of Wisconsin Marching Band came by the reviewing stand. They were playing the University fight song, "On Wisconsin" and suddenly, I was taken all the way back to high school! See, good old Okeechobee High School used the Wisconsin fight song as their fight song. Up until a couple of years after I graduated, it had always been the fight song at OHS. Then some enterprising schmo of an administrator got the idea OHS needed an original fight song. The band director or someone else wrote some damn nonsense and they chucked the "On Wisconsin" sheet music out the door! I do take some satisfaction that my high school hasn't had a winning football season since the song change! Hearing "On Wisconsin" today just brought back memories of when I was a nerdy, honors student band geek. Ah... the good ol' days!

And that's all I have for now..... Monday means back to business as usual!

Happy New Year everyone!


Russ said...

While I had no issue with UCF winning their game, USF winning did give me some issues. Plus I was one on a handful that actually went to the game. That should have counted for something, right?

phinz said...

Hey,Happy New Year!

I'm a band geek too; all the cool kids are! =0)

The Rose Bowl Parade should ONLY be watched on the channel that has Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards emcee-ing. Try it next year; you'll see.

And the mix-up in the parade order happened at the last minute--the float that was supposed to be before the band broke down (*gasp*) and had to be towed along the route by AAA. Apparently Al & that chick that can't read didn't get the update--Bob & Stephanie did and explained the whole thing.

I've missed reading your blog! It's good to be back!