Sunday, January 23, 2011


Spent the better part of Sunday introducing Rebecca to the thing called "Outlet Mall Shopping". Yep. Now that she's 14 and I helped her get a job babysitting on Saturday's for the Derby Moms, she has money to spend. Don't get me wrong, she's been to the outlet mall before, but with us paying for her purchases. Now, she can make purchases of her own. Usually if it was something she wanted she had to ask us and if it wasn't necessary to her existence, we just didn't buy it. Now she has the option of making her own decisions. She has to weigh her options, calculate her money and then make good decisions about what she spends it on.

So, now we get to the outlet mall and of course they are having their sales. It is after Christmas and the merchandise is flying fast and furious! It starts with a beret and mood nail polish at Claire's, then continues at the calender store where she found a magnetic poetry calender! 50% off! 75% off! The savings stretched out ahead of her into the horizon. Then she found the mother load! There was a Kirklands that was closing and everything was 40% off of the already 75% off price! So she got a tote monogrammed with a R on it for like $4!! She's hooked!

Now she can't wait to babysit next weekend so she can save up to go back to the outlet mall. I think I have created a monster!

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Russ said...

As a veteran outlet mall shopper myself, she will need to look out for the product lines that are specifically developed for the outlet mall. Stick with the deals on the good stuff.