Thursday, January 20, 2011


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This morning, I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast because I desperately need to go shopping and have nothing in my kitchen to feed 3 ravenous monkeys! We get to the one that is along our route to school and as we get to the ordering box, I hear...

"I take you order?"

It was muffled and I almost didn't hear it. Then I started to order and OMG! It was like talking to a brick wall.

"I need 2 Oatmeal meals..."
"Yes, 2 oatmeal meals that come with the medium OJ."
"OK, you get 2 o-meal, and 1 OJ."
"No I want 2 of the Meals that come with an Orange Juice!"
"Yes, Orange Juice. A medium OJ comes with the Oatmeal meals."
"OK. You get 2 OJ. What else you want?"

And it went on like that as I ordered a SEC McMuffin, another OJ, and a small iced mocha for myself. We finally finish and as we're driving up to the window, I sigh in exasperation. It felt like the woman didn't understand English. Then we get to the window and I see the short, diminutive woman who is doing the exact same thing to the car behind me. Poor sap! I turn to Rebecca and we look at each other, trying hard not to laugh, and she suddenly vlurts out...


Yep. This woman totally looked and sounded like Consuela from Family Guy. You know.... the Spanish Lady Seth uses as a maid to almost everyone there! Oh yeah! It was her taking our order in the McDonald's drive thru!! I half expected her to say, "Nooo... nooo..... Meeser Ronald no here. We have no more lemon pledge." We started laughing our butts off in the car! After finally getting our food, we headed off in to the pre-dawn dark towards school, laughing and doing Consuela impressions the whole way.

Gotta love kids who appreciate TV references!


Bubblewench said...

This is making my day SO much more fun!! Awesome...

Russ said...

And that is why I always go inside. At least I can see that I'm getting what I ordered on the register, regardless of what language they speak.

Hurikane El Swiss said...


i used the photo of consuela on your blog in my most recent post

i LOVE consuela to be honest