Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I finally got around to writing my team member bio on Bradentucky's message board. Now I have to work on getting my team jerseys. They have actual jerseys on this team, not just T-shirts with our names and numbers on them.

The bio thing gave me pause. There were the usual questions to answer, like name, distinguishing feature, special move... ( I sound like a video game character!) but others were requiring of more thought. Questions like "Where'd your name come from", "I love...", "I hate..." I had to think about them. Also, "little known fact about me" was a thought provoker too. I'm a pretty open book on here, so I didn't really know what to put down. I finally went with cheffing and cake decorating in Memphis.

How about you guys. What would you guys want to know as an interview question? Go ahead... ask me anything.

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Russ said...

Have you decided whose moves you will use in the jello wrestling?