Friday, January 14, 2011


OMG!! It was another field trip today! It was Spanish Point for us today. I was up at 5:30am in the cold for this. And Junior's class walked the whole damn place!
He dug stuff up. He brushed things off. He looked at all kinds of stuff. They learned about Prehistoric Inhabitants of Spanish Point and about Middens, which is a fancy archeological word for trash heap. So basically we went to look at someone else's garbage. Whoo hoo.
I also got to see Mr. Man while he was working on the school Morning Show! He was working camera today. He did such a good job. As you can see above, he was giving cues to the anchors on screen while working the camera. Such a great multi tasker! All the kids take turns being on camera, but even though the faculty advisor offered to let him be on camera since I was there, Junior said that wouldn't be right and he would do his normal task for Friday, which was camera man. That made me even more proud of him.
Then after running home and making dinner, it was off to the ballet recital. Rebecca was in 3 out of 4 pieces and I got beautiful video that I did not put on here. (Too tired and frustrated.) If you saw my twitter stream of Facebook, you had a little insight to the Hell I was going through. It involved a little boy named Daniel. I'll go into it later. That's baby girl up there with the flowers I threw to her after the performance. Everyone should have flowers thrown to them on stage at one point in their life!! I even made sure they were school colors! I am super mom!
She did such a good job I was very proud.

So that was my friday. How was yours?

Did I mention I was hung over for the field trip?? No??? Heh heh... I'll have to go into that later! ;-)

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Ah, the proud mom. Let me just say you have every right to be.

Ah, the super mom. Let me just say kudos to you for doing a field trip and a recital with a hang over.

Now take two aspirins and blog again in the morning.