Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back In The Saddle.... So To Speak.

So I started running again. It has been really haphazard ever since December. I got a new pair of running shoes last weekend, so I took them out for a spin. They seemed ok. I didn't have any significant improvement in my run time, but then, like I said I hadn't stuck to my schedule for the last month and a half! I do have to get my ass in gear though. My first game is on Feb 20th in Ocala!! I need to improve my stamina and leg muscles. As I had requested, I am on the B squad. I didn't want to push my luck by trying to make the A squad right out the gate! Those ladies had been skating together for a few years and I wanted the chance to learn from them first before trying to elbow my way in there! Plus, I need to perfect the strategies that they are teaching. At SRG, they didn't really emphasis the rules, or learning plays and strategy, so that was something new for me. I think I prefer this.

I do know that when we get our taxes back I am gonna get new skates! So who wants to go to Ocala on the 20th and watch us? North Florida peeps, where you at???

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Megan said...

Good for you for getting back on track! I've been doing Couch to 5K (I'm on week 4) and am surprised at how well it's going.

Keep up the good work!