Monday, January 31, 2011


Second from the top is my favorite so far. Gobo makes a cute subject!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keurig! (and contests)

I'm sitting here, watching the Royal Rumble and snacking on things I shouldn't all the while thinking how awesome tomorrow morning will be!

HHH bought me a Keurig today!

He got a Mini one and it's RED!!! He also got a box of Breakfast Blend cups, a box of English Breakfast Tea cups, and a box of Hot Chocolate cups! Add those to the cups that came in the box with the machine, and I'm set for quite a while! I'll be trying that bad boy out tomorrow morning!

Also, do not forget to enter my contest! $55 gift code to any store CSN runs!! Take the link to the original post and follow the instructions!! Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, 2/9/11.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Changing & Rearranging!

So, after telling my age yesterday, (blind, had to get larger laptop w/bigger screen, yadda yadda yadda.), I started looking around the house and thought... I wanna move things around. Yeah the spring fever bug is hitting me juuuuuust a little bit and I really want to do some rearranging of our furniture. First though, HHH wants to get a new flat screen TV. Well, if you're going to get a new flat screen, we need to have something to put it on, such as corner TV stands.

I want to get as much room as possible in our apartment. Putting the TV in the corner would help with that nicely! Don't get me wrong, we don't exactly live in a tiny hovel, but still, with three kids who love their gaming, maximizing our space to play Wii is pretty important! Our living room furniture isn't the regular set either. We have a couch and 2 recliners. After a hard day at derby, Mama likes to get her recline on! Recliners take up a whole lotta room too. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do for now, but sure as shootin' I'm gonna be moving something around.

Now for the fun part!! I have a $55 gift code to CSN Stores again! You'll remember the lovely Bubblewench won those spiffy steak brands last year? Well, she did and this year I want to give you the choice of what you get. A simple gift code will let you buy what ever you want from the hundreds of sites that CSN has!! They are awesome!! So here's the deal...

1. Leave me a comment about what you would change around in your house.

2. If you Twitter, tweet this post and leave me a separate comment that you did. I don't need the tweet url or anything like that. I trust ya! ;)

3. If you Facebook as well, share the post there too and leave a separate comment about that.

At the end of 10 days, I'll assign every comment a number and use a random number generator to choose the winner. I'll contact you, (and also do a post about it), and get you your $55 gift code and then away you go to buy a little something nice for yourself! So have at it people! Help me with ideas on what to do with my living room!!!

LEGAL JUNK: (The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada. Void where prohibited. I didn't receive compensation from CSN to write this post. I am just the vehicle for them to give away $55 in stuff!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Things About The House.

I am finally admitting I'm getting old and got a lap top with a 17.3 inch screen. I am going blind in my old age and couldn't focus on the net book's tiny screen.

see, OLD!

This is what I heard from INSIDE of my apartment on Thursday! Nothing like hearing a horrific accident to make you want to hop in the car and go get the kids from school! I saw a total of 5 accidents that afternoon. People really need to pay attention when they drive.

And now I'm gonna pass out in bed. I'm tired!

Talk Radio

If you have the time this morning, go to the WSLR website at 9am and listen as Myself and Blaque Jac talk to The Surreal News about the Bradentucky Bombers new season, our season opener on Feb. 13th and our first away game on Feb. 20th!! I've been on the radio before with Karl on his show, but never a News show. It should be fun.

Tune in!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back In The Saddle.... So To Speak.

So I started running again. It has been really haphazard ever since December. I got a new pair of running shoes last weekend, so I took them out for a spin. They seemed ok. I didn't have any significant improvement in my run time, but then, like I said I hadn't stuck to my schedule for the last month and a half! I do have to get my ass in gear though. My first game is on Feb 20th in Ocala!! I need to improve my stamina and leg muscles. As I had requested, I am on the B squad. I didn't want to push my luck by trying to make the A squad right out the gate! Those ladies had been skating together for a few years and I wanted the chance to learn from them first before trying to elbow my way in there! Plus, I need to perfect the strategies that they are teaching. At SRG, they didn't really emphasis the rules, or learning plays and strategy, so that was something new for me. I think I prefer this.

I do know that when we get our taxes back I am gonna get new skates! So who wants to go to Ocala on the 20th and watch us? North Florida peeps, where you at???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Recently, we switched to android phones. AT&T was being a douche nozzle and I was tired of my iPhone crashing, dying, and needing a hard restart every other hour. I tried out an LG Optimus first, didn't like it , and moved on to the EVO 4G. I gave the Optimus to Rebecca. She had been promised a touch screen phone for her birthday and she liked the Optimus. She's been doing really well in school and I just feel better knowing she has a phone handy. You know how schools are these days...

Enter today. The weather mavens had predicted a bad front to hit later in the afternoon. I had been keeping track of it by way of the internet and pretty much figured it would hit right about when I needed to pick up the kids from school. I'm sitting and watching some TV before leaving and my phone rings. It's Rebecca. She called to tell me that she wouldn't be having poetry club after school because the administrators had canceled all after school activities due to the impending weather. She said they had made a school wide announcement. So I tell her OK, I'll be there at 2:15 or 2:30 depending on traffic. I drive up, grab her, then off to the elementary school to get the other two. All in all, with round trip and wait times, It takes me about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. We get home a little before 4 thanks to an accident on the streets. We are home about 30 minutes when my phone rings again. It is the school notification service. The automated voice tells me that all after school activities are canceled for the day due to the weather. Um, ok?


So nice of them to send a timely notice to all the parents. This is why I gave my daughter a cell phone. I knew about the after school cancellation at 1:30pm... way before the school got around to telling us!

It's sad, really. I just hope nothing bad happens one day. I'll never know unless my daughter calls me about it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Spent the better part of Sunday introducing Rebecca to the thing called "Outlet Mall Shopping". Yep. Now that she's 14 and I helped her get a job babysitting on Saturday's for the Derby Moms, she has money to spend. Don't get me wrong, she's been to the outlet mall before, but with us paying for her purchases. Now, she can make purchases of her own. Usually if it was something she wanted she had to ask us and if it wasn't necessary to her existence, we just didn't buy it. Now she has the option of making her own decisions. She has to weigh her options, calculate her money and then make good decisions about what she spends it on.

So, now we get to the outlet mall and of course they are having their sales. It is after Christmas and the merchandise is flying fast and furious! It starts with a beret and mood nail polish at Claire's, then continues at the calender store where she found a magnetic poetry calender! 50% off! 75% off! The savings stretched out ahead of her into the horizon. Then she found the mother load! There was a Kirklands that was closing and everything was 40% off of the already 75% off price! So she got a tote monogrammed with a R on it for like $4!! She's hooked!

Now she can't wait to babysit next weekend so she can save up to go back to the outlet mall. I think I have created a monster!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I severely dislike it when Aunt Flo gets ready to visit. The week before I resemble a couple of inflating balloons in the chesticle area. Right now I am sitting at 38 DDD. I am usually a 38 D. This is NOT amusing.

HHH is in ecstasy!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

New Toy

I got a new phone on Thursday night. HHH and I both got the HTC Evo 4G. Now, I'll never be able to experience 4G unless we got to a 4G city (like Tampa), but the speed we're getting now is faster than my iPhone. Needless to say, I have been busy playing with it(THE PHONE!!) all Friday and probably will be most of Saturday! Oh.. and I got my Angry Birds shirt too! I FB & Tweeted it. Soooooo cute! Ooo! Ooooo! And I found a Puppy Tweets doggie Twitter collar for Gobo today at Super target. You may remember I did a gift list and it was featured on that list for $29.99. Well, I got it on clearance for $7.48!!! SCORE! Ok, so now I have all kinds of stuff to play with now. Gotta go!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Photo was found here.

This morning, I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast because I desperately need to go shopping and have nothing in my kitchen to feed 3 ravenous monkeys! We get to the one that is along our route to school and as we get to the ordering box, I hear...

"I take you order?"

It was muffled and I almost didn't hear it. Then I started to order and OMG! It was like talking to a brick wall.

"I need 2 Oatmeal meals..."
"Yes, 2 oatmeal meals that come with the medium OJ."
"OK, you get 2 o-meal, and 1 OJ."
"No I want 2 of the Meals that come with an Orange Juice!"
"Yes, Orange Juice. A medium OJ comes with the Oatmeal meals."
"OK. You get 2 OJ. What else you want?"

And it went on like that as I ordered a SEC McMuffin, another OJ, and a small iced mocha for myself. We finally finish and as we're driving up to the window, I sigh in exasperation. It felt like the woman didn't understand English. Then we get to the window and I see the short, diminutive woman who is doing the exact same thing to the car behind me. Poor sap! I turn to Rebecca and we look at each other, trying hard not to laugh, and she suddenly vlurts out...


Yep. This woman totally looked and sounded like Consuela from Family Guy. You know.... the Spanish Lady Seth uses as a maid to almost everyone there! Oh yeah! It was her taking our order in the McDonald's drive thru!! I half expected her to say, "Nooo... nooo..... Meeser Ronald no here. We have no more lemon pledge." We started laughing our butts off in the car! After finally getting our food, we headed off in to the pre-dawn dark towards school, laughing and doing Consuela impressions the whole way.

Gotta love kids who appreciate TV references!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Above is HHH and the rest of the office staff from here discussing the fact that a family set their apartment on fire Tuesday evening. I as watching TV and checking out Twitter when I heard a loud BEEP BEEP BEEP coming from outside. I thought it was the nursing home behind our building having another fire drill for its residents. (They had one Tuesday morning at 6am!) Then I hear what sounds like two semi tractor trailers out front of our building. I get up and go out on the lanai and I see two huge fire trucks turning around and HHH running on a through path to the building across the green. I yelled to him to see what was up. He yelled back while running..

Yes, it was a grease fire. What happened was a little Korean family, (not being racist on the little part, they were really short!), started a grease fire while cooking. As it was raging, the people had the GREAT idea "Let's throw water on the fire!", which, while in most cases would be a good idea, in the case of this grease fire was a very BAD idea! The grease & fire splashed all over and made the fire larger!! Then, the people tried to call 911 and didn't know their address! Had no idea what to tell the dispatchers!! Good thing there's enhanced 911 that helped the fire department get to where they needed!
So the fire department gets everything under control and the people are standing outside arguing about what happened and the office staff are shaking their heads in disbelief!! In this day and age who doesn't know how to put out a grease fire? As soon as I walked back to our place, I asked each and every one of my kids what they are supposed to do in the case of a grease fire. All of them answered correctly with "Baking soda or smother it.". Yay! My kids listened on Fire Safety day!

Either or... Now these people are out of a place to live and my husband has a whole night of work ahead of him. As the only maintenance worker here right now, he has to coordinate the water removal from where first the sprinkler system, and then the fire department put out the fire, he then has to get the security system to reset the building security and then the sprinkler company to replace the sprinklers because you can't cut off sprinklers to the rest of the building because one place went up in flames!

And to end this story... here's a small public service announcement from me to you....


And now you know!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ever have that feeling things just aren't right... on the inside?

Yeah... I started out practice like that tonight. I really just wanted to go home after Dyna-Mo was done with her practice, but I didn't. I figured I could sweat what ever it was out. Yeah. Right.

About 4 laps from the end, I raced to the bathroom and puked.

I guess some things just don't sweat out. Now where's my mouth wash??

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I queried this on Twitter the other evening, but I just thought I'd ask again....

Does anyone else keep live plants in their shower?

I ask this because when I was still cleaning houses, I saw so many of the bigger houses with the great big showers that had plants in them. Green, leafy plants with beautiful pots and even a little clay character or two. The plants seemed so happy in the warm, steamy environments. When HHH moved us into the apartments, I got a leafy little spider plant to put up in the high window. Over the course of a few months, it got bigger and bigger. Recently, I just had to replant him in a bigger pot that didn't fit on the sill, so I went to Wall to Wall Mart and got a new shower plant. Now I have a combo of a croton and some sort of pointy thing on the sill. It seems to be very happy. I like seeing a green happy plant while washing my hair, so I'll ask again...

Any one else have a plant in their shower??

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love that my son wants me to go with him on field trips and stay at school with him. He is so proud to have me with him. On the field trip, while we were eating lunch, he had great fun telling his little friends that his mom plays roller derby and has broken people's noses! That got a huge round of "COOOOOOOL!!" at the picnic table.

Uh... maybe I'm just show & tell fodder. Either way,I'll take it!

Friday, January 14, 2011


OMG!! It was another field trip today! It was Spanish Point for us today. I was up at 5:30am in the cold for this. And Junior's class walked the whole damn place!
He dug stuff up. He brushed things off. He looked at all kinds of stuff. They learned about Prehistoric Inhabitants of Spanish Point and about Middens, which is a fancy archeological word for trash heap. So basically we went to look at someone else's garbage. Whoo hoo.
I also got to see Mr. Man while he was working on the school Morning Show! He was working camera today. He did such a good job. As you can see above, he was giving cues to the anchors on screen while working the camera. Such a great multi tasker! All the kids take turns being on camera, but even though the faculty advisor offered to let him be on camera since I was there, Junior said that wouldn't be right and he would do his normal task for Friday, which was camera man. That made me even more proud of him.
Then after running home and making dinner, it was off to the ballet recital. Rebecca was in 3 out of 4 pieces and I got beautiful video that I did not put on here. (Too tired and frustrated.) If you saw my twitter stream of Facebook, you had a little insight to the Hell I was going through. It involved a little boy named Daniel. I'll go into it later. That's baby girl up there with the flowers I threw to her after the performance. Everyone should have flowers thrown to them on stage at one point in their life!! I even made sure they were school colors! I am super mom!
She did such a good job I was very proud.

So that was my friday. How was yours?

Did I mention I was hung over for the field trip?? No??? Heh heh... I'll have to go into that later! ;-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I love your little pyramids,

I love your Chocolaty goodness.

You complete me.

PMS is a bitch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tonight was Rebecca's induction into the National Junior Honors Society. Isn't she lovely? She saved up babysitting money and bought her dress and heels. HEELS! OMG I am so old.
Here she is making a derp face after the ceremony.After the regular ceremony I waved at Rebecca and she waved back while they were taking the group photo! I like the "I got it." look on her face.
And here she is with her friend after the thing was over.

As it is, I am a proud mama. I could have done with out all the pomp and circumstance they went through tonight. They didn't even give the kids an actual pin. They got a ribbon. I'm going to try and dig up my old NHS pin for her. Either or, My kid kicks ass.


Tag Lines

Lil' Blonde made her second practice last night. She is doing well and I think in a month she'll be up to speed to start skating with the other girls. Right now she's doing basic skills learning.... T-stops, knee drops, slides, falls, and walking on toe stops. It's hard, but she is super psyched. She even has a tag line.... "Cute, Yet Violent!" Ha ha ha.... so true, so true.

I started skills testing last night and right now I can hardly move. Owwie!! Where's my Tylenol and Icy/Hot???

Sunday, January 9, 2011




Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff From Saturday.

Mo started derby on Saturday morning. She is in the beginners class learning basic moves. Today was learning how to do a knee drop & how to fall properly. Yeah, when you're in derby, you gotta learn how to fall down properly... just ask Karl!!
Our new bout poster was released last week. It's the season opener. I probably won't skate this one. It's a Bomb Squad bout and I'm sincerely wanting to do a season on the Bombshell squad. It will help me learn their ways. Still, I'm hoping to get some good photo's of the bout.
Got a new mouth guard. This is a gel max guard. It's comfy. It molds to every contour of my mouth and teeth. It has a leash to attach it to my helmet straps. I love the guard, not too keen on the leash.
This is the old guard. It's almost chewed through, has dried blood I can't get out of the front of it, and it's really fugly looking.
And lastly, Gobo decided to hop in the shower with HHH & myself. He was whining and crying and OMG I finally opened the curtain and boom, there he was. So, we washed him, got out, dried him off and this was what he looked like! Floofy, cute, and a complete doggie dork! He may be a dork, but he's MY dork.

And that's it for Sunday for me! What did you guys do?

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gluten Thing

I recently have had a spate of people asking me about going gluten free for one reason or another. Several of the derby ladies had been asking about it as well, so I wrote this short summery. It's geared more towards my derby girls, but it's simple enough for anyone to use.

Being & Eating Gluten Free

Being gluten free is easy as long as you do a little reading and homework! The obvious thing about a gluten free diet is you no longer get to eat bread, or any other wheat containing product. The non obvious thing about a gluten free diet is all the places that gluten can hide!!
Gluten is a component in in wheat, oats, barley, and rye, but is also contained in bulgur, Durham, farina, matzo meal, spelt, and semolina. If you have a sensitivity or allergy to gluten, your body can’t digest the gluten and it coats the stomach and small intestine lining, causing damage and inhibiting the absorption of nutrients and minerals needed by our bodies to function normally. People with a gluten sensitivity often are diagnosed with IBS, GI difficulty, or other Gastrointestinal problem. It wasn’t until recently that Gluten allergies were studied at length! Now that more is known on the subject, more can be done to avoid the gluten containing foods that give gluten allergy sufferers miserable symptoms.

The Bad News

Beer is off limits. Malted beverages are off limits too, so if you had a Schlitz Malt liquor addiction, this is your excuse to go on the wagon. Also, any cookies, crackers, pasta, processed lunch/deli meets, gravy mixes, salad dressings, imitation sea foods, etc are also out. Gluten can also sneak it’s way onto and into your food by way of artificial flavor agents and food starches. And example of this would be a bag of potato chips that has been flavored with sour cream & chive flavoring powder. The chips are ok, the flavoring is BAD! Also, most specialty stores will charge you an arm and a leg for hard to find, gluten free foods and products. There can also be gluten in products such as tooth pastes, lip balms, and medications and vitamins if said products use gluten as a binding agent or preservative. Sneaky SOB’s. aren’t they?

The Good News

Now that the medical community is embracing the Gluten Allergy, many main stream food companies are as well. Gluten free foods are becoming more readily available in supermarkets and chains like Super Target, Super Wal-Mart, and Publix. Natural and Organic retail giant, Whole Foods is also a huge source of gluten free options, but they are really pricy. Brands like Betty Crocker are also putting out gluten free versions of their popular baked goods mixes as well. Gluten free breads are also becoming more available, as well as pastas. WINE is GOOD!! Most liquors that are not distilled from grains are ok too.

The Diet Part

Basically, if you can cut out bread and pasta, you are half way there. It’s the “5 Servings of Grain” in that food pyramid that gets us! It shows pretty pictures of slices of bread, bowls of pasta and while that is all well and good for most of the population, going gluten free means you have to substitute something else for those servings. As said before, there are several pastas available that are gluten free. These are usually made from corn, rice, quinoa, or a combination of gluten free grains. The gluten free breads are also made from these grains, but if you are trying to cut down on carbs as well as gluten, just axe the bread and pasta all together! There are plenty of options for someone going gluten free. My daughter and I like to call it our “Steak & Potato” diet! Fresh meats, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, rice and potatoes are all you need to comprise a healthy diet. You can also have most fresh dairy products as well. (Check sour creams and coffee flavorings. Some use the wheat preservative.) All you have to do is turn the product over and look at the label. Most labeling has to disclose any allergy containing ingredients, like wheat, soy, nuts, etc…. If the label doesn’t clearly display the allergy warnings, just read the ingredient list looking for gluten containing items.


The Rest

One small thing…. If you have never gone gluten free before, you may want to get a gluten free multi vitamin to go along with your new diet. Many products are enriched with extra vitamins and minerals, but most of those are the cereals and grains that gluten allergy sufferers are cut off from. You may want to consult a nutritionist to check out what you’re doing and make sure your gluten free diet covers all your bases. A gluten free diet is a healthy diet, but as with any kind of change in eating, you should consult a physician to make sure everything is ok for you to go ahead and make the switch over. I personally started going gluten free when it was discovered that 3 generations of my family have been suffering from Celiac’s Disease. My mother, myself, and my daughter all have the gluten allergy gene. It was frustrating to try and switch to an all gluten free diet, but with the advances in food research and the new availability in more gluten free food items to the market, making the decision to go gluten free for your health is easier than ever. Good luck.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Transformation -----> 95% Complete!

Remember when Halloween rolled around and my mini me decided to dress up as a demon roller girl? Well.... the transformation is almost complete. She has decided to cut ballet out because it is becoming evident that her diminutive stature is making it difficult.... and she really wants to do .....


Yes, Morgan wanted to ditch ballet for juniors roller derby. Tonight we took her to the sporting goods store and got her pads, a mouth guard and a helmet. She already has skates, but now she is outfitted with all the safety gear needed to become a member of the Bradenton Derby Brats. She has decided to be Lil' Blonde and number 5 1/2! It will be awesome. Saturday will be her first practice.

Heh heh.... and I shall call her... Mini Me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I finally got around to writing my team member bio on Bradentucky's message board. Now I have to work on getting my team jerseys. They have actual jerseys on this team, not just T-shirts with our names and numbers on them.

The bio thing gave me pause. There were the usual questions to answer, like name, distinguishing feature, special move... ( I sound like a video game character!) but others were requiring of more thought. Questions like "Where'd your name come from", "I love...", "I hate..." I had to think about them. Also, "little known fact about me" was a thought provoker too. I'm a pretty open book on here, so I didn't really know what to put down. I finally went with cheffing and cake decorating in Memphis.

How about you guys. What would you guys want to know as an interview question? Go ahead... ask me anything.

Run Around

Today's run:

2.2 miles in about 35 minutes. I tweeted that it was 2 miles in 30, but then I checked my Nike run keeper and saw I had actually gone a little farther. I may keep it around 30 to 45 minutes a run this week till I get back in my groove, but if today is any indication, I am almost there.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello there intrepid readers! I have good news for you all. The season for the Bradentucky Bombers has been put out and the first home date is on Feb.13th against Ft Meyers!! I probably won't skate that one as I am still learning the ropes here (and I was out the entire month of December), but I will more than likely skate the away bout in Ocala against the Ocala Cannibals the very next weekend (2/20). If you are in the Ocala/Gainesville area come out and see us!

The OTHER news is we have our first big fundraiser almost all set. It will be at the Distillery in Bradenton Fl. There will be live bands, dancing, ......

And Us Roller Girls wrestling in pools of Jell-O!

Oh yes. I am gonna get down and dirty wrestling my fellow team mates in pools filled with 1 foot of gelatin dessert! I am personally hoping for Lime jell-o, because I don't want to be stained pink from Cherry or Strawberry. I'm going to have HHH show me how to execute a few moves. Now I just have to choose what style to go with... Randy, Orton, John Cena, or the Undertaker! (F-U & 5 Knuckle Shuffle baby!)

So there you go! The first two bouts of the season and Jello wrestling!


Monday, January 3, 2011

No Jelly Legs, No Jelly Legs....

Oh mai effing GAWD!

It was so stupid, stupid, stupid to not go to practice during the month of December! My legs were all jelly after 30 minutes! And there was a crew from ABC 7 there tonight to do a story about our recruiting drive!! You will be glad to know I didn't embarass myself falling or anything. and along with not going to skate practice in December, I also wasn't running. Sooooo stupid. I have to build back up to my pre-depression/holiday break stamina.

I ran today as well. You don't have to pay attention to those little posts. I'll be posting my distance when I go running. Today was small and indoors. I did the tread mill and made it about 1.85 miles before knocking off. I don't know if it was the machine or me, but I kept feeling like I was slipping. I think it was the machine though, because when I'd do a song walking, it still felt like it was slipping. I think I'll go back to my regular machine on Wednesday. I don't need to break something!

I'm also going to do some weights on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm not training at Boot Camp on Tuesday and Thursday right now, so I need to keep at my upper body development so that doesn't go by the wayside as well. Damn! Isn't it a bitch to take off for the holidays and have it come back to bite you in the ass!?!


I can't complain though. I could have gotten off my ass and done something. I just didn't. And for that, I will pay with sweat and pain.

Oh yes I will pay!


You can pay no heed to these posts, or you can comment and cheer me on. I wanted to have somewhere to post my mileage so I could look at it so I thought I'd just do it here. Expect a Monday, Wednesday, Friday rotation.

Today was the beginning after me slacking for the last month.

1.85 miles in 30 minutes.
Felt so-so.

Time to get back to the grind!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


In preparation for the new season of derby, the team got together at Calamity Jam's house on Sunday for a cram session in WFTDA rules.

Holy shit there are a LOT of rules!

There are rules for when you can hit someone. There are rules for where you can hit someone. There are rules for how hard you can hit someone. There are rules for how big your numbers can be, where you stand, and tons of other things. We had been emailed 8 different mini quizzes to help us study, and tonight was where we got together to check our work and get things clarified.

OK. Put 15 women in a room to discuss something and see how long it takes!

We were there 4 hours! Basically, what you need to know is Clockwise=Bad, Counter-Clockwise=Good! Don't hit someone in the head or below the knees. And most important, don't call the refs a bunch of lousy, paid-off, blind, no good f*%kers! You WILL get thrown out.

Wish me luck for when I take my test!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Oh my Gawd! My shoulder is beginning to kick my ass. The pain is like a searing electric bolt running from my shoulder to my elbow and back. I haven't been able to sleep well. Haven't been able to do a lot of things. I was hoping when it warmed up the pain would lessen, but no dice so far.

In other news, UF won it's bowl game Saturday! It was Urban's last stand before retiring and moving on, (Rumor has it he may join ESPN's commentator desk.), and I swear to you, when Urban and Joe Paterno met at mid field before the game started, I saw Joe mouth..."Hey man, retiring before 85 is just a pussy move!"..... but I could be wrong. With that win, every Florida team with the exception of Miami won their bowl games! Yay!

Then there was the Rose Parade today. The hosts were meh.... Al Roker was ok, but the chick he had with him sucked ass. She kept mispronouncing peoples names, town names, and she Pronounced Merle Haggard as Maril Haggard!! Um... OMG! Then to top all that off, NBC flubbed the order of the floats to the teleprompter's text and a high school came away with a huge win!! Because of the flub, the high school marching band that was on the frame got a 3 to 5 minute play of TV time!!! Usually they only get 10 to 15 seconds! Total win!!! The floats were awesome as usual. The fly over was great too! Then the University of Wisconsin Marching Band came by the reviewing stand. They were playing the University fight song, "On Wisconsin" and suddenly, I was taken all the way back to high school! See, good old Okeechobee High School used the Wisconsin fight song as their fight song. Up until a couple of years after I graduated, it had always been the fight song at OHS. Then some enterprising schmo of an administrator got the idea OHS needed an original fight song. The band director or someone else wrote some damn nonsense and they chucked the "On Wisconsin" sheet music out the door! I do take some satisfaction that my high school hasn't had a winning football season since the song change! Hearing "On Wisconsin" today just brought back memories of when I was a nerdy, honors student band geek. Ah... the good ol' days!

And that's all I have for now..... Monday means back to business as usual!

Happy New Year everyone!