Monday, December 6, 2010

Ways To Stay Warm.

So, the deal was inked. HHH and I are moving to Lincoln Nebraska in the spring, namely around March. He'll be going up in mid-February to make a start at getting his property in order, then the kids and I will follow up in mid to end of March. Now, it will be spring, more or less, and the temps will be averaging around 40 degrees. For a florida girl who just dropped 70 lbs of body insulating fat, that's pretty damn cold! I figured I have till march's end to come up with some ideas to stay warm.....

  1. Electric Blanket.
  2. Thermal Underwear.
  3. Space Heater.
  4. Running.
  5. Bubble Jacket.
  6. Sex! Lots of sex!!
  7. Baking all the time.
  8. Fire place.
  9. Sex IN FRONT of the fireplace!
  10. Flannel PJ's.
  11. Snuggie, or as we call them, WTF blankets.
  12. Sit on the dryer while it's running.
  13. Have SEX on the dryer while it's running!
  14. Hot Chocolate.
  15. SEX using warm melted chocolate!
Yeah.... I think I have a few ideas on how to stay warm.....

Any suggestions?


Russ said...

I'm sensing a theme...

Having grown up in NJ, I'm well acquainted with the cold (I was a bit young for most of your suggestions at the time). The best I can say is to layer. That was as you warm up, you can peel off a layer.

Miss Anarchy said...

Snow shoes and a good hat.

If your feet or head are cold, then you really feel it.

Poppy said...

Get a big dog that likes to sleep on top of people :)

Putz said...

YOU DIDN'T MENTION sex YET DID YOU??????????????

Employee No. 3699 said...

Get a remote starter for your car so you don't have to go out in the cold to worm it up.

phinz said...

Sorry, I'm playing catch-up here!

My best cold-weather beater?
A nice hot bubble bath and a glass of wine to drink while you soak.

Works EVERY time!