Friday, December 10, 2010


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No..... there isn't any snow down here. Not unless there is a fun event nearby with one of those snow blowers is there ever snow here! No I was doing some thinking Friday evening and I thought to myself,

"Maybe I'm giving this snow and winter thing a bad rap."

It could be. Yes I grew up here in Florida my entire life, and yes I have more experience with the beach than a mountain top, so it stands to reason I may just be a little too down on Mother Nature's chilly precipitation. My most heinous memory of snow was back about 15 years ago up in Vermont. I was visiting then family and we went to a skiing resort for lunch and shopping. After a rather passable lunch, it was suggested that we go outside to a scenic brook for photographs and oooh-ing and aaaah-ing at nature. OK... I was game. (I was also a Floridian, in a sweatshirt, light jeans, leather jacket, and rubber soled sneakers.) As we were walking, there was a small 3 step stairway to the path by the brook. The northern people didn't even think to tell me that I should be super careful or anything like that, and I being a southerner had no clue! 1 step... 2 steps..... then


Down I went in a heap! Rubber soled sneakers are NOT what one should wear on snow and ice. I wasn't so hurt I had to go to the ER, but it did hurt a lot and I was bruised for WEEKS! It was also right after that that the very first instance of my back going out happened. Either or..... the people I was visiting got a big chuckle out of the whole deal at my expense, and cold, snow, and ice were black listed with me from then on.

So now that I am getting ready to head up to the great white north, I have thought to myself, maybe I should give the winter another chance. It seems silly to hold something that happened over a decade ago against the entire season, (although I do love being at the beach in November!) Here is where you all come in. Tell me what is super cool and fun to do in the snow. PS- I already know how to ice skate!

I'll start- I like to ice skate. It's hard, and you need strong ankles and arches, but it's worth it!

Now you guys!!!!


Rachel said...

Snow in general is fun. Watching it come down, playing in it with the kids, even shoveling can be fun (although usually that's only the first snowfall that it's fun, then it's a chore)

I love snow

Putz said...

getting a live christmas tree from the mo8untains<><><>sledding, bobsledding <>><><><>snowshoeing{read on my side bar about daniel and his latest mountain trek with his dog<<><>putting up christmas lights in a blizzard<><><>sking<><><>making snow angels><<><>having sex in the snow{OOOOOPPS}

Russ said...

Snow sucks. I moved south for a reason!

Nicole said...

ummm having to start your car like 30 mins early to get it warm enough to get into, digging a path to get to your car, digging said car out of the snow....OH WAIT you wanted GOOD things about snow...umm well I can tell you that after 19 years of living in Chicago the only good thing about snow is the way it looks after it has first fallen - bright white, sparklie, soft new fallen snow. Then you realize that it -5 out with a wind chill of -20 and you still need to go out there to start the car and get to work/school/groceries - whatever. The kids will LOVE it and learn they are impervious to the chill and stay and play in it for hours and build snow forts, have snowball fights, go sledding and all that fun snowy stuff. And then they will come in and with them they will track in a bunch of ice clumps attached to their clothes and get your hallway soaked with melting snow. Oh and Gobo - watch is lil feets - the snow will clump onto his fur and the lil balls of icy snow could cut the bottoms if his feet.
But yeah the way it looks after it's just fallen is soooo beautiful :)

Blondefabulous said...

RACHEL: I imagine it does look pretty. When I lived in Memphis I remember a big snow storm that hit. It was awesome with fat flakes of white raining down.... till I realized that I would have to go in towork on my days off because I was in walking distance & the other workers weren't!
PUTZ: I don't think there are any mountains in Lincoln.
RUSS: Yeah, and I lived here for a reason, but a transfer is a transfer.
NICOLE: You are evil woman!!!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

After roller derby, you should be ready to handle a fall on a patch of ice...

...the best thing about snow is watching it from a window as you turn up the thermostat and snuggle under a blanket next to a fireplace.