Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Is In The Air!

It's not even spring, but love is in the air here at the Blondefabulous mansion! It seems we are finally getting downstairs neighbors. They started moving in on Monday. It's an older woman her adult daughter, and 12 year old grand daughter. Seems like a nice family. Oh.... and they have a dog!

A teacup female Yorkie....

Named Princess!

Gobo is enamoured of her! I took him for a walk in his Christmas Argyle sweater and Princess was on her porch in a little pink dress! It was so funny! Gobo tottered over to see her and the ladies let her out the door to see him and it as all butt sniffs and cute stubby tail wagging from then on! You can see the look on Gobo's face.

"I know it's a girl, and I know I should like her, but I no idea why?!!?"

Now he's all jumpy and whiny to go outside just in case Princess is out too! So cute. HHH said the ladies downstairs asked if we'd be interested in breeding Gobo with Princess! I think we'd better wait a little bit.... You know, till he at least knows what the hell a girl is!!!

Gobo & Princess sitting in a tree,


Charlene said...

haven't commented in forever but i've been reading~breed her~ arrange STUD fee before the deed~be extra money for the move~ with no "dangers" to the stud "unloading"

Russ said...

Better than my dog, who sees another dog and thinks, "Lunch!"