Thursday, December 23, 2010


I need it right about now.
I don't have a lot most of the time.
I wish I could instill it in others.
I want a limitless supply.
I have it in the people I love, even if they keep letting me down.
I see it in my children's eyes every day.
I never want to see it gone when they look at me.
I have to believe I will always have it.
Some times I doubt the validity of that last statement.

OK... if you want to get far far away from my depressing post, go here. I helped out with Dawg & Poppy's Holiday Edition of Cereal Wednesday. I may take the rest of the week off. I don't know.....


Poppy said...

McDonald's is serving hope in their happy meals.

(That was a joke, although the commercial says it's true.)

I still hope you have a happy, merry, jolly Christmas no matter what unhappy yucky stuff is happening.

Putz said...

ya, me too poppy