Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have a few favorites when it comes to holiday commercials. The favorite of my daughter and I are the Garmin commercials.

First there was the one about the guy getting lost while trying to buy a wreath. Love the moose in that one. Then there was the one about the woman trying to get all her errands done, including a very necessary brow waxing. And who could forget the one about all the Garmin personal electronics like run trackers, etc etc etc... Also, who could forget the one with the life sized Nutcracker that goes out for a night on the town and is followed by a psychotic looking clown!?! Oh yeah..... The words are always set to carol of the bells and it is so frickin' funny! One year, Daisy and I learned the Moose version by heart and every time we walked past a Garmin display we would burst into enthusiastic song. Crazy and weird glance receiving, yes I know, but still a family fun thingy she and I would laugh about!

And really...... isn't having a good laugh freaking strangers out singing commercials about random GPS units with you daughter what the holidays are all about??

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