Friday, December 3, 2010


Karma can be such the bitch. The last few months, every time someone on Twitter or Facebook updated with something like...

"It is soooo cold here!"
"Wow! The snow is really falling now!"
"This weather is crazy!"

... I commented with.....

"That's why I live in Florida."

This fall, it has been lovely. Sunny, warm, with balmy breezes and beautiful evenings. It has been lovely. The hurricanes have been nonexistent. Up until now, the cold hasn't even entered the picture. Right at the moment, Florida is in a little cold snap and it actually got down to the high 30's! For me, that is hunker down in bed with a cup of coffee weather!(or with a hot man... but he has to work sometime!)

So a few weeks ago HHH thought he was going to get promoted here to supervisor of this property. It didn't happen. He was seriously disappointed. Well, it turns out the company didn't want to give him the FLORIDA property because they already had him pegged for......


Oh fuck me! Corn Huskers? Snow? COLD TEMPERATURES IN THE TEENS?!? Yeah. I just lost close to 80lbs of body insulating fat. I can now wear a bikini. I'm going to a state where one has to "bundle up". What sort of fuckery is this?!? This is what I get for rubbing Florida's awesome weather in everyone's face. Sigh......

So the plan is HHH goes up in mid February to pick out our apartment and to start work at the brand new complex being built while I pack everything up and prepare for movers. Then at the end of March, we ship everything up north and the kids and I fly out to Lincoln. The silver lining of this is that in 2012 the company is breaking ground on a brand new complex in Orlando. If HHH plays his cards right, we may be able to come back pretty soon. Another thing is with this promotion also comes a hefty compensation package. HHH will be furthering his career as well, and what good wife doesn't want to support her hubby when it comes to that??

Of course, I do have priorities. First thing I checked on when HHH came home with this news was looked up if Lincoln had a roller derby team. IT DOES!!! The No Coast Derby Girls play out of Lincoln!! The were at the WFTDA semi finals!! If I can make it up there, I'll be doing ok.

So there you have it. I'm being exiled to the middle of the country! Whoo hoo!



Christina LMT said...

Sorry about the cold thing, but WOO-HOO on the promotion!

Good luck with everything, Blondie!

Finn said...

Look on the bright side: With the extra money you can buy a few pairs of really cute boots to brave the cold in!

Or does that just make me feel better?

Congrats to HHH on the promotion. Sometimes life doesn't take us where we want to go, but where we need to go. This is just the next step in the journey.

Putz said...

closer to me in utar

Russ said...

Damn, I'm sorry. At least you are used to flat living in Fl!

Bubblewench said...

Holy hell! NOW I get the Nebraska stuff! Great for hubs.. bad for being warm! I think you'll be fine. Best of luck!!

Nobody™ said...

There's worse placed than Nebraska, such as North Dakota. I lived in Omaha for a couple years back in the early '80s, and it wasn't bad at all.

Good luck with the move.

phinz said...

Wow. That does kinda suck about the cold, but as you say, it might not be for long--and what the heck; it'll be a change of scenery AND you can still do your derby stuff!

And look at it this way--trying to stay warm burns more calories. =0)