Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So far this holiday I have baked:

  • 3 dozen regular sugar cookies, frosted with homemade royal icing so the decorations on them stay pretty.
  • 2 dozen gingerbread men.
  • 2 dozen+ peanut butter cookies.
  • 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies.
  • 3 dozen Christmas gingerbread zombie victims & zombies.
  • 5 dozen sugar cookie Christmas trees also iced with home made royal icing.
  • We also made a gingerbread village, but I don't claim that because it was a pre-baked kit that I added to with my own decorating stuff.
I'm thinking of making a yule log as well for the Christmas dinner. We'll see.....

I need to get a new hobby!!


Poppy said...

LOVE IT! Keep going crazy!

We're making baked cinnamon apple empanadas drizzled with caramel for after Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe we'll bring them to Christmas dinner too!!!

I made my oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies and also added dark chocolate chips for Dawg. They are DELISH. Georgie loves the oatmeal part!

Russ said...

Are you sure you don't want open a bake shop? Lord knows they are doing quite well around here.

Nicole said...

LOL...Ken has taken to baking..I came home from work on Monday to a kitchen filled with over 500 cookies and fresh homemade biscotti!

Bubblewench said...

That's some serious baking! Nice job!

Putz said...

my wif has baked{no made chrunch on a pazzell maker}<><><>460 gazzells or pazells as i call them from italy butter creamy with a religious symbol planted on the front and back to ward off evil spirits durning the easter holiday<><>><what am i thinking???did i say easter