Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another List.... Derby Style!!

Yeah yeah..... I'm back again. I was looking at Twitter and B-Train of Wicked Skatewear started tweeting all kinds of awesome stuff from their t-shirt line. So I went and looked around and whoo hoo! I found all sorts of stuff I could use and love to have! Hint hint people!!!

The above leg warmers would really come in handy for when we move up to Nebraska! They are thigh high, so wearing them with your derby shorts and skirts is no problem and bonus is you get to keep your muscles warm and ready to perform. In the derby world, hot muscles means strong strides and hard hits!!
I saw this and immediately thought of Poppy!! She and Dawg are fans of the Star Wars genera and I can so see her and I wearing this! I bet if there had been derby a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Leia would have kicked everyone's ass and Han would have been her derby widow!

I saw this on a t-shirt and thought.... hey I need to get this for HHH. He loves me and I'm a roller girl. Perfect right?? And it will fit in so well with the next shirt I found......
Oh yeah! My daughter, Mo, REALLY wants this one. (She's the little one who is violent and beats up bullies for THEIR lunch money!) It makes me feel so proud that the sport I have come to love makes my kids just that much more proud of me! It is amazing that my 14 year old isn't embarrassed that her mom dresses in fishnets and school girl skirts.
Ah..... for the gamer. I thought this was really funny. Back in the day, I actually had an Atari system with Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, & Space Invaders! I saw this and thought it was hilarious. Want. Seriously
Argyle. I love argyle. It's is so retro, and nerdy, and awesome. Some of my favorite derby socks are argyle. I saw these and instantly want them!Argyle and skulls are simply the best ever! Oh.... and the pink on black is cool too!
Running shorts. Believe it or not, most derby girls wear shorts, not skirts. I am a hold out to the days of yore with my school girl punk throwbacks, but if I ever switch to shorts, these are comfy looking. They also hold up well because several of my derby sisters wear them! Also, they may come in handy when I go running! Now that my ass is smaller, I bet they'll look good too!

These? Are frickin' awesome! They are all cool in a snow bunny kind of way! Once again, I'll stay warm when getting to those cold, snowy Nebraska derby practices. I NEED THESE! Oh, and a pair of snowshoes!! That would be nice!

So there you have it. What to get your favorite roller girl for Christmas!! I included all the links too. And who knows.... if I ever win the lottery, some of you may find this stuff in your mail box one day!

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Poppy said...

LOL! I got all excited after I saw Whip It about being a derby girl but then remembered that I have an ankle injury from when I was a kid that makes it impossible for me to skate, otherwise I would be Leia and Dawg would be Han, my derby widow. :D

I forwarded that link to @StarWars yesterday. :D