Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tree Killing, Hand Written Sentiments.

Hey there! As you all know, I don't reallyt speak to my family anymore. Really long back story there that I kinda am gonna skip over. Anywhoo..... seeing as how I'm not working anymore, and I will have the time this year, I would like to send out Cards for the holidays. If you'd like to get a card from me, please send me your addy on my catch all email which is
I have a crap load of address from a year or two ago, but I know that most people have moved, changed jobs, etc and they may not be current. Just drop me a line and I'll drop one back.
Oh, and even though I celebrate Christmas and send out christmas cards, don't think I won't be excited like a kid on Christmas morning (pun intended) to get a card back from you about your holiday!! Diversify people!
And ...... GO!

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