Friday, November 19, 2010

Ribbit! Ribbit!

Well! To close out my week of blah..... I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Gee... thanks so much, ya know? I sound like a frog. Glad I have left over chicken soup!

I'm starting to prime everything for next week. We're going to put the turkey from the freezer to the fridge on Monday so we can get a gradual thaw. Less bacteria that way! I have to get a few more root veggies, some salted butter, and perhaps the stuff to make a yule log. Ah.... the yule log. Now that I have time, I may offer to make yule logs for Christmas again. I love cooking and baking! I remember when I worked in Memphis, the store I was at offered yule logs to people for order for their holiday dinners. The damn things cost $50 for the small log (served 2 to 4 people), and $75 for the large log (served 4 to 8 people)! Holy crap! It costs no where near that in materials to make those things! Maybe $12 to $15 in materials at the most for what goes in it. That's one hell of a mark up. Anywho, It should be a great meal.

As for the weekend, we are going to smoke a pork shoulder. I'm going to marinate it overnight, then put it on early in the morning before what is probably going to be a huge debacle of a football game between UF and FSU. Ugh..... Urban really needs to whip up on those boys. It's getting embarrassing!

OK kids, I am going to run. I mixed up a batch of home made hot chocolate this morning to soothe my throat and my marshmallows have melted! Just remember, home made hot chocolate trumps store mix hot chocolate EVERY TIME! My wisdom for you today.

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