Monday, November 29, 2010


Yeah, I was going to write a post this morning about how the commercials this holiday season are using really cheesy emotional tactics, but I got the most lousy night of sleep last night. My shoulder was aching something fierce, and I just couldn't get comfortable. So, you get a rehash of Saturday's post about how I have no one to send cards to so let me snail mail stalk you, blah, blah, blah. A small update on that would be that, I went out and got a couple of boxes of cards around Thanksgiving. Then on Friday, when we got the Christmas stuff up out of storage, I found that last year I purchased 3 boxes of cards on discount after the holidays were over! So I have 5 boxes of cards here AND the time to send them this year!! So if you'd like Greetings from the Blondefabulous household, shoot an email, DM, or FB message on over to me!

See below.....

Hey there! As you all know, I don't really speak to my family anymore. Really long back story there that I kinda am gonna skip over. Anywhoo..... seeing as how I'm not working anymore, and I will have the time this year, I would like to send out Cards for the holidays. If you'd like to get a card from me, please send me your addy on my catch all email which is
I have a crap load of address from a year or two ago, but I know that most people have moved, changed jobs, etc and they may not be current. Just drop me a line and I'll drop one back.
Oh, and even though I celebrate Christmas and send out Christmas cards, don't think I won't be excited like a kid on Christmas morning (pun intended) to get a card back from you about your holiday!! Diversify people!
And ...... GO!


Putz said...

yes i woooood like a card from you and if you do i will send you one from me and mine are SPECTACULAR, ONE THAT YOU WOULD LOVE<><><><>I WOULD LIKE IT IN THE MAIL{OH WAIT A MINUTE IT HAS TO BE REGULAR MAIL IF YOU HAVE 5 boxes OF THEM}MY ADDRESS IS 385 SOUTH 300 EAST,,,,,EPHRAIM,,,,UTAH,,,,84627

Putz said...