Friday, November 5, 2010

Pew Pew..... Pew Pew....

I have a lot going on lately. I thought that leaving my job would open up extra time for me, but damn it all if that time didn't get sucked up almost immediately! Between the kid's teachers wanting more involvement, Time running back and forth to school, ballet, derby, and boot camp make it almost impossible for me to squeeze in extra stuff. And when I do find some time to squeeze in extra stuff, my body decides to stage a revolt on me!! Man! I can't win some times!!

Yesterday's field trip came off without a hitch. I was there, and thanks to my son's wrangling, I was even in a school shirt! I do have to say, my son was a little snuggle bug the whole time. He really does love his mama. Something I didn't love was the 74 other kids on the field trip! OMG!! Those little hellions were horrible! I know many people say that "Oh kids are just excitable and noisy in a new environment.", but holy Hell! My son's class was pretty good for the most part, but the other class that rode with us were complete jerks.

Here's a field guide:

  1. Bouncy Boy. Bouncy boy is that little darling who can't hold still. He HAS to be bouncing up, down, all around. Put this child in a theater seat and he can almost bounce to the moon.
  2. Screechy Child. This is a specimen that is either a boy or girl. Their voice is so high pitched that listening to them at a regular level is painful, but add the excitement of a field trip and this child suddenly ramps up and can speak in no lower than a shout! Bring migraine medicine.
  3. Giggle Girl. She's the one who giggles at everything. See someone fall down? Giggle. See a flock of ducks waddling? Giggle giggle. See CNN talk about puppies trapped in a flooded mine? GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE!!! Everything is funny. Don't put more than one or two of these creatures together or you will have a giggle epidemic on your hands!
  4. The Jokester. This kid thinks he or she is the life of the party! Flicking the kid's ear in the bus seat in front of them? Hilarious! Armpit farts?? Brings down the house! Paper ball at the teacher? A classic!! This is usually the first kid to get fussed at by the teacher.
  5. The Accomplice. This is the one who is easily influenced by any of the afore mentioned trouble makers. They will go along with any plan, idea, or schematic. That's what makes them so dangerous.... and annoying.
I came away from the trip with a greater love for my son. My sweet, adorable, lovely son. I also came away with a headache and a deep love of Tylenol Extra Strength! To make myself feel better, I blew out all my frustrations at Boot Camp later! Nothing like running, sweating, and stretching to get rid of a few kinks in you body and mind!

So that's it for today! Funny, I thought I was going to bullet this post. Guess not.

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