Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making A List.

First and foremost, I think everyone needs new skates in their life! These Riedell's are cherry, they really are. Quick, versatile, and easy to handle, I would be zipping in and out of even the most seasoned blockers! Only thing I would change would be switching out the toe stops for some of the new Gum Stop toe stops that just came out on the market.
Puppy Tweets! Oh yes. If I still worked, I would want to get this for Gobo. They would need a cat one too though to encompass my entire animal family. It comes pre-loaded with tweets that get posted when your pet moves or barks. You can log in to your pet's twitter stream and see what they are up to. Neat!! Almost makes me wish I still worked!
Wi-Fi. We all want it. We all need it sometimes.... now you can have it any time you want, thanks to Virgin Mobile. This is the Ovation and it is awesome. Hotel charges $11.95 a day for internet in your room? Screw that! In a spot where there is no free wi-fi for your laptop? You're all set! Don't want to get stuck in a 2 year contract to the regular cell companies? You're good on that too. For $40 a month I can get unlimited access to the internet for 30 days. I don't have to use it every single month, just when I need it. If I'm going on a trip and I want to use the laptop in the car WHILE WE'RE DRIVING I can do that. Hotel is run by internet charging nazi's who want an arm and a leg, screw them. I'm mobile people!
Kitchen Aid. A name that sets hearts a quiver in the cooking field. Even a novice can say when one mentions the name kitchen aid in association with meal preparation, only good things can come of it. This lovely stand mixer has the raised bowl mechanism, rather than the tilt head, and I like that. Easier to get the attachments on and off. I used one similar to this when I was cooking in Memphis. It was the small one. There was one 5 times the size for commercial bread production. That was a thing of beauty, it was. Still... for my needs, the bowl lift stand mixer would do just fine.
Who hasn't put this on their "must have" list for the holidays?!? I saw every one of these movies when I was a teenager in the theaters! MJF was sooooo dreamy when I was a girl! (Still is too!) Now that these films are coming back, and on Blu-ray even, I am eager to acquire this set! I can see a family movie night, complete with popcorn, sodas, laughter, and these movies.

And there you have it. My personal recommendations for gifts for the 2010 holidays. What does it say about me that I didn't even think to include clothes, jewelry, handbags, or shoes on this list???

Damn I am so not a girly girl!

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Nicole said...

skates count as shoes in my book :P