Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cough, Cough, Hack!

  • I seem to have caught a cold. Most likely got it when we were at Universal last weekend. Not the souvenier I was looking for.
  • This being sick crap bites when you have a commitment to something like derby.
  • Even though I WAS sick yesterday at practice, I still cut off 6 to 8 seconds on my 25 lap time and got it under 4 minutes and 30 seconds. That's really big people.
  • I think I bruised my ass right on my left sit bone from where I ate floor during hitting drills yesterday. Owwie!
  • Missionary Mary shot some film footage at the rink yesterday. We all helped with background shots of the team doing knee drops, rock star slides, and pack drills.
  • Then I got picked along with 8 others to be in a big scene (as background) where Mary and the other character have an exchange after the other girl falls. It was cool seeing what all goes into getting the perfect shot. Very professional.
  • I'm smoking a pork shoulder today. Not gonna do crap more than that.I'm too freaking tired, and by tired I mean hopped up on cold meds.

Everyone have a great Sunday!

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Russ said...

did the pork butt yesterday. good stuff!