Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Why does crappy shit have to happen on days that should be great?

Monday, November 29, 2010


Always sassy...
Sometimes grumpy...
Ever adventurous.....
Instinctively hip....
And forever my little girl, no matter how old she gets!

I love you Becca Daisy!

Happy Birthday!!


Yeah, I was going to write a post this morning about how the commercials this holiday season are using really cheesy emotional tactics, but I got the most lousy night of sleep last night. My shoulder was aching something fierce, and I just couldn't get comfortable. So, you get a rehash of Saturday's post about how I have no one to send cards to so let me snail mail stalk you, blah, blah, blah. A small update on that would be that, I went out and got a couple of boxes of cards around Thanksgiving. Then on Friday, when we got the Christmas stuff up out of storage, I found that last year I purchased 3 boxes of cards on discount after the holidays were over! So I have 5 boxes of cards here AND the time to send them this year!! So if you'd like Greetings from the Blondefabulous household, shoot an email, DM, or FB message on over to me!

See below.....

Hey there! As you all know, I don't really speak to my family anymore. Really long back story there that I kinda am gonna skip over. Anywhoo..... seeing as how I'm not working anymore, and I will have the time this year, I would like to send out Cards for the holidays. If you'd like to get a card from me, please send me your addy on my catch all email which is
I have a crap load of address from a year or two ago, but I know that most people have moved, changed jobs, etc and they may not be current. Just drop me a line and I'll drop one back.
Oh, and even though I celebrate Christmas and send out Christmas cards, don't think I won't be excited like a kid on Christmas morning (pun intended) to get a card back from you about your holiday!! Diversify people!
And ...... GO!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making A List.

First and foremost, I think everyone needs new skates in their life! These Riedell's are cherry, they really are. Quick, versatile, and easy to handle, I would be zipping in and out of even the most seasoned blockers! Only thing I would change would be switching out the toe stops for some of the new Gum Stop toe stops that just came out on the market.
Puppy Tweets! Oh yes. If I still worked, I would want to get this for Gobo. They would need a cat one too though to encompass my entire animal family. It comes pre-loaded with tweets that get posted when your pet moves or barks. You can log in to your pet's twitter stream and see what they are up to. Neat!! Almost makes me wish I still worked!
Wi-Fi. We all want it. We all need it sometimes.... now you can have it any time you want, thanks to Virgin Mobile. This is the Ovation and it is awesome. Hotel charges $11.95 a day for internet in your room? Screw that! In a spot where there is no free wi-fi for your laptop? You're all set! Don't want to get stuck in a 2 year contract to the regular cell companies? You're good on that too. For $40 a month I can get unlimited access to the internet for 30 days. I don't have to use it every single month, just when I need it. If I'm going on a trip and I want to use the laptop in the car WHILE WE'RE DRIVING I can do that. Hotel is run by internet charging nazi's who want an arm and a leg, screw them. I'm mobile people!
Kitchen Aid. A name that sets hearts a quiver in the cooking field. Even a novice can say when one mentions the name kitchen aid in association with meal preparation, only good things can come of it. This lovely stand mixer has the raised bowl mechanism, rather than the tilt head, and I like that. Easier to get the attachments on and off. I used one similar to this when I was cooking in Memphis. It was the small one. There was one 5 times the size for commercial bread production. That was a thing of beauty, it was. Still... for my needs, the bowl lift stand mixer would do just fine.
Who hasn't put this on their "must have" list for the holidays?!? I saw every one of these movies when I was a teenager in the theaters! MJF was sooooo dreamy when I was a girl! (Still is too!) Now that these films are coming back, and on Blu-ray even, I am eager to acquire this set! I can see a family movie night, complete with popcorn, sodas, laughter, and these movies.

And there you have it. My personal recommendations for gifts for the 2010 holidays. What does it say about me that I didn't even think to include clothes, jewelry, handbags, or shoes on this list???

Damn I am so not a girly girl!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tree Killing, Hand Written Sentiments.

Hey there! As you all know, I don't reallyt speak to my family anymore. Really long back story there that I kinda am gonna skip over. Anywhoo..... seeing as how I'm not working anymore, and I will have the time this year, I would like to send out Cards for the holidays. If you'd like to get a card from me, please send me your addy on my catch all email which is
I have a crap load of address from a year or two ago, but I know that most people have moved, changed jobs, etc and they may not be current. Just drop me a line and I'll drop one back.
Oh, and even though I celebrate Christmas and send out christmas cards, don't think I won't be excited like a kid on Christmas morning (pun intended) to get a card back from you about your holiday!! Diversify people!
And ...... GO!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You Very Much

So, it's Thanksgiving time again. Time where everyone in America sits down to a table filled with food and gives thanks the powers that be that they have what they have. I'm thankful personally for my family and their support in everything I do. It can't be easy having a mom who plays roller derby. (the outfits alone would make most teens cringe!)

So, as I kick back after a day well spent cooking and eating, I just wanna say thanks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smart Is...

...wracking the shit out of your shoulder right before the biggest cooking holiday of the year! It was fun though! I didn't notice it so much last night when I basically tripped and fell backwards onto my left elbow, thus jarring my left shoulder. I should have a lovely bruise on that afore mentioned elbow just in time for the holiday as well.

For the moment, I am munching on Tylenol and alternating between hot and cold compresses to help alleviate the pain. When I woke up this morning t was almost unbearable to the point that I thought I had really done some damage, but then it popped and felt much better. I do think a nice hot soak in the tub is in order.... you know, for medicinal purposes. Then I need to start making my plan of attack for Thursday's dinner. Never approach a large meal with out a plan of how you're going to get it all done, otherwise you will have half done early then the other half done later.... not the kind of spread you want to put out. I do have a second oven at my disposal again this year, and I think I will use that for the turkey, then make the side dishes at my house since they will require more attention. Yes, I am very A/R when it comes to stuff like this. It's the caterer in me.

OK kids, gotta run. That shower is calling my name. Well, it's either the shower or the ice pack!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Blonde Isn't In Right Now.......

For now.....I'd like you all to turn your attention to the blog my awesome trainer, team mate, and friend writes.
Meet Yakuza Girl! And add her to your blog roll!
Thank you kindly and good day!

Cough, Cough, Hack!

  • I seem to have caught a cold. Most likely got it when we were at Universal last weekend. Not the souvenier I was looking for.
  • This being sick crap bites when you have a commitment to something like derby.
  • Even though I WAS sick yesterday at practice, I still cut off 6 to 8 seconds on my 25 lap time and got it under 4 minutes and 30 seconds. That's really big people.
  • I think I bruised my ass right on my left sit bone from where I ate floor during hitting drills yesterday. Owwie!
  • Missionary Mary shot some film footage at the rink yesterday. We all helped with background shots of the team doing knee drops, rock star slides, and pack drills.
  • Then I got picked along with 8 others to be in a big scene (as background) where Mary and the other character have an exchange after the other girl falls. It was cool seeing what all goes into getting the perfect shot. Very professional.
  • I'm smoking a pork shoulder today. Not gonna do crap more than that.I'm too freaking tired, and by tired I mean hopped up on cold meds.

Everyone have a great Sunday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ribbit! Ribbit!

Well! To close out my week of blah..... I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Gee... thanks so much, ya know? I sound like a frog. Glad I have left over chicken soup!

I'm starting to prime everything for next week. We're going to put the turkey from the freezer to the fridge on Monday so we can get a gradual thaw. Less bacteria that way! I have to get a few more root veggies, some salted butter, and perhaps the stuff to make a yule log. Ah.... the yule log. Now that I have time, I may offer to make yule logs for Christmas again. I love cooking and baking! I remember when I worked in Memphis, the store I was at offered yule logs to people for order for their holiday dinners. The damn things cost $50 for the small log (served 2 to 4 people), and $75 for the large log (served 4 to 8 people)! Holy crap! It costs no where near that in materials to make those things! Maybe $12 to $15 in materials at the most for what goes in it. That's one hell of a mark up. Anywho, It should be a great meal.

As for the weekend, we are going to smoke a pork shoulder. I'm going to marinate it overnight, then put it on early in the morning before what is probably going to be a huge debacle of a football game between UF and FSU. Ugh..... Urban really needs to whip up on those boys. It's getting embarrassing!

OK kids, I am going to run. I mixed up a batch of home made hot chocolate this morning to soothe my throat and my marshmallows have melted! Just remember, home made hot chocolate trumps store mix hot chocolate EVERY TIME! My wisdom for you today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I'm sitting here in the living room trying to motivate my ass to go do something, and I just don't have it in me. We got some disappointing news on Monday and from that I have just said to Hell with the rest of the week! I know that sounds really stupid after my awesome amazing "Look at me! Look at me! Look at how much weight I lost!" post from the weekend. Still, HHH and I were hoping for some good news about his job and the possibility of him becoming the Supervisor of the property, but it didn't come down that way. So basically they worked him to death for 35 days straight with the promise of promotion just to say, "Oh sorry. We're gonna look somewhere else." Fuckers.

Then, to make the news even shittier, they are saying he will probably be eligible for promotion around 6 months from now... in either Nebraska, Iowa, or Texas!

Um.... whiskey,.... tango..... foxtrot???

Oh yes. These asses want to move us to where it actually SNOWS!!!!! Are they insane?? I don't do snow! EVER! This must be some conspiracy by polar bears and penguins. Either or, it's hard to watch the man you love give his all and be told GTFO. Thus my melancholy.

Maybe the holidays next week will snap me out of it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There's this site over on icanhazcheezburger.com called IMMD, which stands for "It Made My Day". Basically, It's a site where people write in about things that gave them a little lift, a happy feeling, or literally stuff that just made their day. I like reading about how people had positive experiences that lifted their spirits. (Don't worry though, I traipse through Wedinator, Fail Blog, Fail Book, and Ugliest Tattoos.... it ain't always rainbows and unicorns ya know....)

Today, I got the above text from one of the derby ladies. It just popped in out of the blue and it touched me so much. What led up to it was last practice and at the other practices, I am one of those yahoos who get hyped and excited. I call out encouragement, get excited, and am upbeat! I thought I was annoying, but I can't help it! I just love my sport. Even practice is exciting to me!

Maybe I'm not as annoying as I think?

It totally made my day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Here.

We're having a weekend in Orlando. This is to kind of make up for when our Halloween weekend was ruined. It's also to watch my FIL as he bowl in a tournament in Altamonte Springs. This is very exciting. Look for my photo tweets, and such.

The Run Around.

So..... I've been doing this running thing. It hasn't been too bad. I've mostly been doing the treadmill thing at the gym here where we live and I can usually bang out 4 miles in an hour consistently. You have to understand how big that is for me. Any other exercise I have done aside from the boot camp work outs has been on wheels. I got problems yo. I have bursitis in one knee, the other knee was wrecked into 13th St in Gainesville when I wrecked a motorcycle, my calf is still giving me problems. I exercised mostly on wheels because it didn't put so much pressure on my joints, but now that I've dropped about 70 pounds in the last year and a half, I have a lot less weight pushing on those joints,.... and so....

I start running.

I have friends who run. Lots of the roller girls run too. Derby is originally why I wanted to start running in the first place. I needed to increase my stamina and I didn't want to fuck up my expensive wheels on pavement skating outside. It just seemed natural. It has helped, too! I have a lot more stamina and can keep up with the Bradenton Ladies now(mostly). Now I just gotta get some goals. At first it was just run, but now I'm doing things like run a little farther, or go a little faster. Now I have decided on a big goal. I want to run the Sarasota Half Marathon. I have time to train for this. It's in March. I just have to make sure I keep motivated to do it.

Being strong and looking hot should be great motivation, right??

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I get to skate roller derby,
Mo gets to go to school and learn about freedoms,
Rebecca can go to school and take ballet,
Junior can be anything he wants to be,
Thanks to the military service of this guy right here, and the service of others who have given their lives so we can enjoy life liberty and the ability to dress up in giant hot dog costumes.

Thank you sweetie. Your service in the Navy during Desert Fox is greatly appreciated. Happy Veteran's Day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pain In The....


I had a migraine that started around 7:30pm Monday night and didn't quit till about 10:30pm Tuesday night!! I should have known it was coming because on Sunday morning I had those flashy lights in my peripheral vision. I figured since it didn't come on right away, I was ok and wasn't going to get the migraine. WRONG-O!! I got to derby practice, got my gear on, and even made it through warm ups, then


It felt like someone had just smacked me in the head with a tire iron! I had to sit down before I puked all over the track. Once I sat down, it started feeling like there was a guy trying to dig my left eyeball out of it's socket with a dull ice cream scoop!! I tried to shake it off and get back on the track, But Frenchie and Prosehack took a look at me and said my pupils weren't matching. (One was bigger than the other!!) I called HHH and asked him to come get me! I medicated up and went to bed.

Tuesday dawned and I was still feeling poorly. HHH had to take the kids to school for me because I still couldn't see straight. I basically stayed in bed for the day. Didn't do squat. HHH took care of everything for me. Around 10pm I started to feel better. During the day I entertained notions from several people about why I have had several migraines in a short amount of time. I have been examining my diet, exercise, and lifestyle and I have come up with.....


I love the Crystal Light packets! The small ones that you empty into a 20oz bottle of H2O are great. I can grab a few, put them in my purse, and instead of a soda, get a bottle of water and make my own great tasting drink. The Mango Peach flavor is my fave! Well, after timing when I had my last migraine to when I had purchased a new pack of Crystal Light drink mix packets. Yep.... they coincided. In fact, for the last couple of months, every time I had a bad headache, I had just bought a new box of drink mix packets!

So, yeah. Apparently when I was eating all the processed sugar crap,even though it wasn't healthy, it didn't mess with my head, but the minute I decide to get healthy, start eating better and go for a 0 calorie beverage alternative.... BOOM! I guess there are pitfalls everywhere when you're trying to be healthy.

So, long story short... I am back, I'm better, and I am cutting out the aspartame for now. What do you guys cut out to feel better??

Monday, November 8, 2010

You Like Me..... Right??

This is just a quickie. I had to remake my Roller Derby fan page today. Seems due to security issues, admin issues, blah blah blah..... Facebook won't let you just rename your fan page. You have to delete it, leave it like it is, or make a whole new page and re-pester the people who are already your fans to re like you. Yep. I finally broke down and re made the page this morning. It was hard to do. Not due to the time involved, but because SRG was my first team. We started from scratch. I skated almost every bout with them, only missing out on two: one for a concussion, one for the stomach flu! When HHH said we were moving to Bradenton, I knew it would be cost prohibitive for me to head down there for routine practice. Then the infrastructure disintegrated and I had to make a choice. I chose the easier road, the closer team, but I didn't give up.

Now, I am remaking my fan page on Facebook. A couple of the Bombers had been saying I needed to do it. LOL! It has been so wonderful to be accepted so whole heartedly by a wonderful crew of ladies! And now....

If you would be so kind as to "like" me once again??


Saturday, November 6, 2010


  • Bought our turkey for Thanksgiving already. Went for the 21 pounder! We're having people over. Looks like this may be another year for a dinner party for 20! I'm also going to smoke a ham! Yummy!
  • Had the carpets in the main areas of the house cleaned. If we are gearing up for the holidays, gotta have the house ready too.
  • Speaking of holidays...... it was frickin' COLD Saturday morning!! WTF?? I was in a bikini by the pool on Wednesday and now I'm freezing my ass off?!? Fuck that! That's the whole reason I live in Florida!!!! Hot, sunny weather!
  • And the frickin' cold is causing my bursitis to act up. Ever try to do single and double knee drops with bursitis?? It sucks. It also hurts like a bitch.
  • I have more bruises. :-)
  • The family and I are going to Orlando, namely Altamonte Springs to watch my FIL who made a Bowling Tournament! I am so excited for him!
  • zsxer4
  • Gobo typed that last entry. It was Mommy pet me time.
  • I LOVE the week after Aunt Flo leaves. Let's just say my hormones ramp up and my sex drive goes right along with it! Makes for an "interesting" week or so. ;-)
  • HHH likes that week too!
  • I am researching what to take to Hawaii. I am also considering investing in a hard sided suitcase for my skating gear. I don't want anything I have getting ruined in the cargo hold. I wouldn't be able to get any replacements!
  • I loosened my trucks again another half turn. The sway I have on them now is awesome! I wish I had done it sooner. Now I can get down lower in the turn and do all sorts of fancy footwork with them.
  • Almost none of my old derby stuff fits. My protective pads are way loose, my skirts hang almost off my rump, and I imagine it will take just one good yank by someone falling to strip me! Glad I wear spanky pants!
And that's all I got.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pew Pew..... Pew Pew....

I have a lot going on lately. I thought that leaving my job would open up extra time for me, but damn it all if that time didn't get sucked up almost immediately! Between the kid's teachers wanting more involvement, Time running back and forth to school, ballet, derby, and boot camp make it almost impossible for me to squeeze in extra stuff. And when I do find some time to squeeze in extra stuff, my body decides to stage a revolt on me!! Man! I can't win some times!!

Yesterday's field trip came off without a hitch. I was there, and thanks to my son's wrangling, I was even in a school shirt! I do have to say, my son was a little snuggle bug the whole time. He really does love his mama. Something I didn't love was the 74 other kids on the field trip! OMG!! Those little hellions were horrible! I know many people say that "Oh kids are just excitable and noisy in a new environment.", but holy Hell! My son's class was pretty good for the most part, but the other class that rode with us were complete jerks.

Here's a field guide:

  1. Bouncy Boy. Bouncy boy is that little darling who can't hold still. He HAS to be bouncing up, down, all around. Put this child in a theater seat and he can almost bounce to the moon.
  2. Screechy Child. This is a specimen that is either a boy or girl. Their voice is so high pitched that listening to them at a regular level is painful, but add the excitement of a field trip and this child suddenly ramps up and can speak in no lower than a shout! Bring migraine medicine.
  3. Giggle Girl. She's the one who giggles at everything. See someone fall down? Giggle. See a flock of ducks waddling? Giggle giggle. See CNN talk about puppies trapped in a flooded mine? GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE!!! Everything is funny. Don't put more than one or two of these creatures together or you will have a giggle epidemic on your hands!
  4. The Jokester. This kid thinks he or she is the life of the party! Flicking the kid's ear in the bus seat in front of them? Hilarious! Armpit farts?? Brings down the house! Paper ball at the teacher? A classic!! This is usually the first kid to get fussed at by the teacher.
  5. The Accomplice. This is the one who is easily influenced by any of the afore mentioned trouble makers. They will go along with any plan, idea, or schematic. That's what makes them so dangerous.... and annoying.
I came away from the trip with a greater love for my son. My sweet, adorable, lovely son. I also came away with a headache and a deep love of Tylenol Extra Strength! To make myself feel better, I blew out all my frustrations at Boot Camp later! Nothing like running, sweating, and stretching to get rid of a few kinks in you body and mind!

So that's it for today! Funny, I thought I was going to bullet this post. Guess not.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am a reformed helicopter parent.

I say reformed because I no longer trot to the school every 5 minutes to check on my two youngest. You know.... the ones who have type 1 diabetes. It's not easy being a kid in school now a days, and it gets infinitely harder when you have a chronic illness that sets you apart from the other kids. Add to that a worried mommy who tended to hover and my kids were ripe for getting crap at school. I used to go on their field trips with them because there was no medically capable attendant available to go. Budget cuts, they said. But the teachers and school were also not happy that they had to provide me with entry and transportation. Damned if I did, Damned if I didn't, one could say.

Finally, after long talks with the Endocrinologists, HHH, the kids themselves, yadda yadda yadda..... I laid back and stopped hovering so darn much. The kids were checking their own sugars. They were doing their own shots. If their was a field trip, I just sent a snack for them to take with and everything was OK. This enabled me to get a job, have a life, etc.... It was great.

Not this year!

This year, Junior's teacher is a nervous ninny! She is literally shaking in her boots that Junior is going to drop dead in her class! I kid you not!! It is so stupid. She even called a meeting with me while I was still working where I had to leave work early just so we could discuss Junior's condition. It was all information she could have gotten,and apparently DID GET from the Nurse in the office clinic! Ms. Desiree has been taking care of the kids for 3 years now. She knows them almost as well as I do for their ups, downs, and fake outs! Now Nervous Ninny is at it again.

I got a call Wednesday morning from Junior's teacher basically telling me that if I didn't attend the field trip with him tomorrow, he wouldn't be going. WTF?!? It's a 3 hour trip to watch a play and it isn't even out of the county. I just don't get it except for the fact that we have a new area nurse as well. The last one was an older woman who had years of experience behind her. She didn't flinch at the least little thing like this new younger woman does. Now the Nervous Nelly teacher and New Nurse are feeding off each other in a panic induced nightmare for me.

Now, legally, if I can't go on the field trip for some reason, they aren't allowed to deny my son the privilege of going. The school receives government funding and that would be a violation of federal law. The fact that they are trying to hide behind the ruse of, "we don't have anyone who can go and care for him" is just such BS. I know for a fact that one of the teachers going on the field trip took care of Morgan when Mo was in the 3rd grade. When I went to pick up the kids at school, I spoke with Desiree, the clinic nurse and she is just as exasperated as I am! She said the New Area Nurse is being so anal retentive about things she is alienating every parent of a chronically ill kids. None of us parents like her at all apparently. Now she has gotten Junior's teacher on her fear bandwagon and I'm gonna be on a bus tomorrow to go see a play. I don't want my son to be made fun of because his mom had to chaperon the school trip. I did think the play was a good fit for this problem we're having though....

Junior's going to go see Pinocchio.

He just wants to be a real boy too.


What's worse than having Aunt Flo come for an extended visit? Having a celiac attack at 3am go along with it!! Ugh! I am feeling sickly, nausea, vomiting, etc..... I woke with it at 3 am this morning and haven't gone back to sleep yet. Hidden gluten will be the death of me!! This will not bode well for the rest of my day. I gotta hope I can rope it in during the drive to schools and then back home. I think I'll just go back to bed when I get home.

In other news, my calf is still giving me problems. It will be OK for a few days, then it will cramp up either when I'm doing lateral practice at derby, or some sort of springing movement at boot camp. I can keep it under control when I run because I run with a heel to toe step that puts equal pressure on my muscle. It's really starting to irritate me. I want to participate fully in my practices and boot camp! Hopefully with some body rolling I'll be able to work out the muscle and get it back to a good working order. I was going to body rolling later tonight, but if the nausea doesn't die down, I am gonna be in bed all damn day.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Pain & Sweat.

Now that Halloween is over, It's time to get down to derby business. Attendance taking started tonight. So did learning all the rules (or brushing up on them). We also hit on the 25 laps in under 5 minutes. I improved my time by over a minute!! I went from 5m 38s to 4m 37s!! Yay!

So between keeping up with my running, training at boot camp, going to derby 2x a week, and taking time to goof around with the kids, I'll be ready for Sk808 and the balmy shores of Hawaii in no time!