Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I'll Miss.....

  • I'll miss the animals. Is it sad I know the names of all the animals at the houses I go to. I may not know the people's names, but I know, Molly, Pugly, Cocobelle, Boccelli, and all the other babies I call sweet pea and pumpkin, and all the other baby names I call them.
  • I'll miss a few of the girls. I'll miss E and Mommielicious. I won't miss Boss Lady.
  • I'll miss the pleasure of knowing I have done a great job. It may sound stupid, but when I clean something with in an inch of it's life, I get a sense of satisfaction like no other. I like being able to go into a pig sty of a house and put it all into where it needs to be.
  • I'll miss the toasters. I love those little cars. They are so zippy and quick. I liked being able to juke around old people and idiots who can't drive.
  • The sense of accomplishment I got from starting at the bottom and working my way to the top. I really wish I hadn't been taken advantage of all of last year, because I'd have liked to stay with the company for when it expands into other cities. I know it will if Boss Lady gets her head out of her ass. I'd have liked being a regional manager.
So there you have it! Friday is my last day!

See ya!

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