Friday, October 15, 2010


My nice little old lady almost died on me today.

I Got to her house 20 minutes early. I rang the bell, over and over. I knocked a little. After waiting 10 minutes I started to call her phone number when I looked in the window and saw her sitting down in her easy chair. I waved, and I thought I saw her wave me in. I go to open the door and it is chained still. I undo the chain and come in and as we are talking I start looking at her. I listen to her speech patterns. She is having trouble speaking. She is cold. Her hands are shaking. She's pale.

She is diabetic.

I recognize that she is slipping into a severe diabetic low. If this continues, she will slip into a coma. I've seen it in my own diabetic children. I know just how serious it is! I run to the fridge, but she has no glucagon emergency kit. Shit! Shit! Shit! I grab a bottle of OJ out of the fridge, and get it to her fast, and just to be sure, I get her a bottle of Ensure too! While she's drinking it, I sit with her and we chat. She fell again last Saturday. She was in the hospital again. After a while, she was more alert and better aware. I went about actually cleaning the home. I was there for a little over 3 hours, but I know she was grateful for me to be there.

I finish up, and she asks me if I can come back later and get her some frozen dinners from the grocery store and pick up her medicine at the pharmacy. She looks so weak, so tired... I agree to come back after I pick up the kids from school. While driving to get the kids, I put in a call to the daughter of my nice little old lady. I tell her of this mornings events and reassure her that all is well, but to put in a call to Mom just in case. I get back an hour and a half later. I stayed a little longer than I probably should have. It's hard not to. My soft heart can't help it. She has no one else.

Till the next two weeks when I come back to clean.


Russ said...

good karma! Good thing you negotiated with boss lady.

Poppy said...

What Russ said. I think this was the reason why you were meant to stay on. For that lady.