Sunday, October 24, 2010


HHH and I went to Bradentucky's prom last night. Prom is the season end awards ceremony and celebration. Even though this illegal alien had only been around for a couple of months, I was invited to come as well.... and bring a date!! HHH and I got dressed up and headed over to the local DAV for the festivities.
There was even a balloon arch for photo op's!! Awesome! I took photos with HHH, Prosehack, and Yakuza. The one above is Yakuza and I. She's the amazing trainer who has been kicking my butt in boot camp!!!
And this is the awesome medallion I got for being a Bomber! Way awesome! I feel so included!!!
And this was the balloon arch! It was all so cool. Everyone brought food, and since there are people besides me who have Celiac's disease, there was food I could eat too! I brought gluten free brownies. They were really well received! The display was empty when I went back to get my tray!

All in all, it was a fun evening of dancing, food, and friends. It's awesome that the ladies of Bradentucky have accepted me into their fold. It's so cool.

Can't wait till the 2011 season starts!

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metalmom said...

You look so cute together!

It is wonderful that you are included as 'family' already. They sound like an awesome group!