Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Holy Hell! Had something happen today that has really got me thinking there are crazy people everywhere and no where, no matter how nice it looks, is safe.

The kids and I had spent an hour or two at the pool. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm with a light breeze. It was great. After a time, we headed back to the house because I needed to get dinner started. About 20 minutes after we got home I get a text from HHH that said..

"Check my last Tweet."

OK. I go back to Twitter on my phone and look up his last tweet. It said, and I quote..

"OMFG!! Just had a resident at my pool naked playing with herself with a big purple dildo!!"

Um... baby say what??

WTF!!?? Who the hell does shit like that?? A little later I started getting more information. Seems it was a woman who had imbibed in a few illegal drugs, mixed it with some alcohol, and then probably went a little wacko. Anyway, someone else at the pool noticed all this and went into the office to tell the property staff, who check it out then called the cops. Once the cops got there they recognized the woman was high as a kite and sent her to the hospital so they could detox her before taking her to jail. At this moment, she is scheduled for immediate eviction.

I'm sorry, but I don't think I was EVER so messed up that I wanted to get it on with sex toys at a public pool. Even when I was in college and on a trip to New Orleans during the Sugar Bowl and I drank from one end of Bourbon Street to the other.... I was NEVER that drunk and messed up.

It just makes you say, What the F*ck??!!

Anything like that ever happen to you guys??


Christina LMT said...

*sigh* I've had several men expose themselves to me, including one drunk guy sitting next to me on the subway whacking off behind a big briefcase he kept on his knees.
(This was all when I was a kid, mind you!)

The first apartment complex I lived in in Las Vegas, a couple got evicted because they kept having sex on their balcony where everyone could see them (which is what they were apparently after!).

I could go on and on...

Russ said...

blissfully no.

hello haha narf said...

i love me some sex, but i've never been so whacked out that i would whip out a toy at a public pool.
just wow.