Friday, October 8, 2010

I Have..

..... Quads that are defined in my legs! I have strength in my entire body I didn't have before!

I slid into my skinny jeans and top today and looked HAWT!

Eventually..... I'll need a whole new wardrobe!

In other news... Boss lady called today .... on my LAST day at work and asked me to stay on. I thought it was funny. I told her for me to stay, she would have to start my day at 8, end it by 2pm, and give me and my partner all the high profile clients, i.e. all the VIP's. She said that was possible, and I said HHH and I would talk it over this weekend and get back to her. It's possible... It's good that I can call my shots if I want to.

I'm gonna think on that.....


Poppy said...

And as soon as she goes back on her word you should give NO notice when you quit. And you should have a written contract that states that.

Blondefabulous said...

POPPY: I'm thinking I really don't want to stay. If I did it would be for my co workers and the clients, but I have a feeling this company is going to implode and destroy itself. HHH's company is going to fire them because they are unhappy with everyone else's work except mine. I think I am making a timely exit!