Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had an Army Ranger....
A Demon Derby Princess....
And a Harajuku Girl.

I got a little bit pissed off at several of the houses we went to. They were decorated. They had the lights on. When we rang, or knocked..... they said they had no candy then shut the doors in our faces.

What the FUCK??

There was even one guy who when we rang the bell, he came down the stairs to the door, the kids and I heard the door knob jiggle like the man was going to open it, they took a breath to say Happy Halloween & Trick or Treat, and then "CLICK". The man locked the door, turned the lights out on us and went back upstairs! The gall of that jackass! At least say, Sorry I don't have candy to the kids.

I do have to say that the houses that did give candy were nice. One row had people out in front of their doors so you knew they were ok to go to. One even had It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown playing on a DVD player in the drive way!! All in all, the kids did get some candy. Another Halloween is in the books.

Now only 55 days till Christmas!


Russ said...

I've never heard of Harajuku.

The dude just shutting the door on you is just wrong. You don't want to participate, cool, just shut off the lights and the kids will know. But an apology would how been nice.

Blondefabulous said...

Harajuku is a fashion district in Japan where many different styles are sometimes fused together to create new and strange fashion. Rebecca was a goth/punk Harajuku girl.

I wanted to egg that guys house, but HHH would have had to clean it up the next day.... sigh.

Finn said...

My goodness Ms. Rebecca is tall! Is HHH really tall? I don't recall you being tall...

Anyway, sorry about the mean people. They suck.