Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dude.... I got a shit load of them! I am afraid of eating by myself, meeting new people, putting myself on the line, making decisions, traveling myself, etc etc etc.... One would think I am a shut in chained to my computer, but I'm not. I actually had a (till recently) rewarding job, I play a team sport in front of hundreds of fans, and I have traveled to other cities to meet people I didn't know. You could say I'm a work in progress, so to speak. No 38 year old woman should be afraid of so much.

Now I want to step it up a few hundred notches. The photo above is for a skating tournament in Hawaii. Yes. You read that right..... HAWAII! It's not a regular invitational because since it is in Hawaii, most derby teams can't afford to take a whole roster over. The SK808 puts together teams of individuals who sign up. You skate with people you don't even know!! You have to be on the ball, use everything you have, and be observant.

Now, how many fears of mine does that cover?

  1. Travel by myself.
  2. Meeting new people.
  3. Eating by myself.
  4. Air Travel
  5. Air travel over a LARGE body of water!!!

Holy crap!! What the hell am I thinking?!? Oh yeah....I want to be a whole person. Whole people don't cower at the thought of doing something exciting.

Here's to becoming whole!


Bubblewench said...

Woman that is a chance of a LIFETIME! I hope you go! It would be such an amazing experience.

Honestly, I'd be scared shitless too, but I wouldn't be able to pass up the opportunity.

hello haha narf said...

i do so hope that you are able to go. sounds like it would be a truly incredible experience.

Finn said...

Doing things that scare us is exactly how we grow.

Hope you can make it happen, and I hope that you make the most of it.

You can do it!

Poppy said...

YAY! Good luck!!!!

Karl said...

I'd be scared, too, but I think it'll be a great time for you.

Christina LMT said...

woo-HOO! Go for it!

Miso said...

Trust don't want to miss SK808 2011! It will be a blast! You can even stay a few more days after for a derby boot camp with Team Awesome. You know you wanna!

-Miso Rowdy, Pacifc Roller Derby