Monday, October 11, 2010

Brand New Day.

So this morning I am not going in to work. I got up at 5:30am like usual, but I didn't dress for work. I threw on some warm up pants and an old fraternity jersey and got busy getting the kids up and moving. I even cooked them breakfast, something I usually have no time for. Then it was off to school. We had a leisurely drive in, dropped everyone off with plenty of time to spare, then I drove back home. Huh.... back home. Haven't said that in over a year and a half! And the thing that is unsettling about that is when I got the job at the cleaning company, I was so excited to join the work force again. I felt productive, alive, useful..... Not that I'm not going to be useful here at home, but I just felt like super woman being able to do it all. Then, as most things do, change entered the picture and though I tried to adapt, eventually it got the better of me. It's sad that that can happen. It's sad that you can enjoy something so much, but yet it gets ruined by someone else's vision of how things should be. Had Boss Lady not tried to take advantage of me and work me into the ground, I may still be there.

So, I am planning to spend quality time with my family this week. The kids need more time spent with them on their homework. I need to finish unpacking the boxes in the house,(it's been a month!), and I am going to spend time at the pool.

One thing I am NOT happy about is we had a family weekend set up for the weekend of the 15th. HHH and I were going to go to HHN20 on Friday, then take on the parks on Saturday, and on Sunday there was Bitchlando where I would finally get to meet the fabulous DutchBitch! It was going to be a stellar weekend all around! Now..... ugh! I am so angry because HHH now has to work and be on call! His immediate supervisor apparently has some sort of health issue where he is having surgery after surgery. I'm not upset at the supervisor for becoming ill.... but the company can't even find a temp for the weekend. Last pay period alone HHH put in 110 hours!! Holy Hell! He is going to get burnt out, I just know it. So now, I am going to go up on Saturday afternoon, spend some time at the park with Cissa, and then go to BitchLando on Sunday as planned before going home Sunday evening. I refuse to go to HHN20 without HHH. I wanted to do that with him. SO now I has a sad. Cissa and I will be having fun though. WWoHP with no kids and possibly dinner at the 3 Broomsticks. Can't wait!

And no..... there will be no French Maid costume for this trip.

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