Tuesday, October 12, 2010


At this exact moment, I am doing the happy dance! (Which looks really funny since I am also typing on the computer!) Are you guys ready??


I have lost 6 pounds, 2% of my total body fat, and

13 INCHES!!!!!

That is amazing!! Yakuza said I may hold the record for her boot camps with inches lost! And the crazy part is, it may even be more than 13 inches. We were doing fractions and trying to do them quickly before the camp started and well.... I'm not good at fractions. I'm not so worried about the pounds total because along with losing fat, I was gaining muscle from skating and exercise. I am definitely re-upping for the next month. No way I'm gonna get off this train when it's doing me so good!

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Finn said...

*doing happy dance for you*