Sunday, October 3, 2010

Begin Again.

So I made my debut with Bradentucky last night. It wast tre' awesome! I even dyed my hair with Fire Engine Red streaks. I sucked sooooo bad though. Haven't skated bouts since the Jacksonville thing and Oh... Mai...GAWD! I am sore this morning. The bout was all the way in Ft Lauderdale and I rode over in the team rental van. I got to talk and bond with several of the girls on Bradentucky. We had Mo Fo, Yakuza, Calamity Jam, GiGi RaMoan, and me. The 3 and a half hour trip went by and we were getting ready for the bout at El Pollo Loco. It was pretty loco alright! We were getting all sorts of funny looks from the indigenous peoples there! What?? You never seen hot women in short skirts and fishnets people??!! Then we got to the bout venue and the A/C was out. Yep. Skating as hard as we could in 85 degrees was intense. A good thing was when we got to find out the other team had personal masseuses for each team bench! SCORE!
After getting our asses handed to us, we went to the after party at a sports car called Slackers. (It was OK till I saw the Gator game on 5 screens!) There was food, drinks, and a good time. Then the long drive back to Bradenton. I think we got home about 2am. I was so tired! I fell into bed as soon as I got home.

HHH woke me up about 11am and I got moving. SLOWLY! Holy hell! I am now feeling the effects of not having been in a bout for a while. Still, it was exciting and fun. I am so psyched about my new team, and they seem just as excited about having me too! I even got a gift bag from my Secret Sister!!

I think this was a great start!


Anonymous said...

Carpert drapes?

(hammered in Philly)


Christina LMT said...

Go, Blondie! (Red-y?) LOL! Take it easy and remember to stretch carefully.

Finn said...

Glad you had such a good time. I'm sorry I couldn't come out and see you. Maybe you'll come down again and I can be there.