Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After a weekend that had a major shake up, I'm back. Did ya miss me?? Yeah didn't think so. Here's a few things.....

  • Didn't get to meet the fabulous DutchBitch. I'm a little upset about that. The reason was something extremely personal, and I had to go back home before the celebratory lunch that was being held Sunday, but I hear it was awesome.
  • I finally got some of our Halloween decorations up. It's only almost Halloween already. And just in time for me to start my 6 week biggest loser program at boot camp! FML!
  • And speaking of Boot Camp,.... that starts today, but I have been watching what I eat starting yesterday. And I am talking I have been measuring out shit in Cups, tablespoons, and deck of cards size comparisons! I'm not starving, but it is interesting to see what a real portion size is. Many restaurants have us brainwashed as to what a proper portion size is. They serve you something that is the equivalent of 3 adult portions of food!! And we wonder why America has a HUGE bottom line!
  • There is prom on Saturday. Prom is the year end celebration for my new derby team. They invited me, even though I have only skated one bout with them. I think I'm gonna dress up if HHH and I go. There may be some kid things going on, but the teacher can't decide if she's moving dates for that stuff. We shall see.
  • I am enjoying the time off from work. It's awesome. I'm going to do some running, I was going to swim, but it got cold. This is in addition to the house work and errands. Awesome.
And that's it for now.

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Nicole said...

i miss seeing you - we need to hang out! call meh!! <3