Sunday, September 12, 2010


So.... I didn't post yesterday. It was out of respect for the 9/11 memorial. I figured a moment of silence for each victim, plus a moment of silence for all the first responders that have passed due to complications from working the site would equal a whole day or more of silence.

I want to say I am thankful that I have my family.A husband who loves me, children who I adore and would go down swinging for, and a home where I can be anything I choose to be. I can start from nothing and rise up to any height I want.... all I have to have is the gumption and will. I can rise from the ashes of defeat again and again, (and I have!), to be master of my destiny.

I accept those who are different from me. I don't care that they are colored different. I don't care whom they want to worship. I don't care if they dress different, talk different, or act different. If they can accept me, I can accept them.

I am a wife, a mother, a roller girl, a manager, a woman of meaning......

I am an American.

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