Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once More,.... With Feeling!

Ok, so just so you're kept in the loop..... We moved again.
I know, I know.... "OMG! Does Blonde ever stay in one place for longer than 6 months?", but this was something that was needed. When HHH lost his job a few months ago, we fell behind in the bills. That just started a domino effect that we weren't able to recover from. Now that I am taking a cut in pay to save my sanity, we really aren't going to recover so we moved on to HHH's new property where we will get a signifigant discount on rent. It will help us catch up and make life easier. Plus we can save money for things like going to Orlando for hhn20, and to see the fabulous DutchBitch and The Kid. (PS- My 13 y/o daughter is excited to meet a boy from across the atlantic.... oh jeeze! 0_o)
So the break down is: Blonde moved on Saturday.
Blonde unpacked on Sunday.
Broadband to go is fucking awesome!!!
(It's how I am able to write this on a Sunday when there is no service calls to hook up internet!!!)
Should I have a housewarming?

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