Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, about yesterday....

Ihad to show the old owner all the "new & fun" things the new owner had instituted since buying the place. Things like forms, phone logs, daily faxed reports, etc etc etc.... She wasn't thrilled about that. I had to show her the new and more updated software we were using now. I introduced her to a few of the new ladies, but then had to leave because I had a 4 house route and needed to get on that. I had to stay after I got done so I could show her how we put everything into the computer now... hours, payments, blah blah blah.... and then she said "Oh Boss Lady made an estimate for us at 4:30pm." WTF?!? I went to do the estimate and then took car 1 home with me because there was no fucking way I was doing an estimate all the way in Bradenton, then driving all the way back to the office, then waiting for HHH to come pick me up! It was OK though, because J, the old owner, said to just take the car home and bring it back in the morning. I like her way of thinking already!

So the rest of this week will probably play out that I will get to the office early to maybe help with the paperwork, then go do my route. It may eventually get to me only having to do my route, but I think it would be good for me to back up J so if she ever has to take a day off I can just step in and run things smoothly. Plus there are several accounts that will only work with me anyway....


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