Sunday, September 26, 2010


The good news: I am still on two feet, mobile, and moving.
The bad news: I may have tweaked my left groin.
Heh..... and I did this the most stupid of ways too! I got to practice almost late, I was throwing on my gear, and started skating with out stretching out. Yep. Dumbass, thy name is Blonde! And we started doing side skating too! Now, normally, that's something I am awesome at! And I was awesome at it too..... til I felt the subtle twinge of "Oh fuck what just happened!?!" Then I was all protective of my shit after that! You can bet I am N-E-V-E-R gonna do that ever again, that being skating without stretching!
On to other things...
I'm also doing something where I am cramping up my left calf. I'm not sure what it is, but when I try to explode off the line, or juke out from behind a blocker, It cramps up and cuts my speed in half almost. I try to stretch it out, but it seems to take several days for it to work itself out. Annoying as hell, it is! I gotta get that sorted out really quickly. Oct 2nd is on it's way and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of the new team!!
And shaving the dog STILL MEANS shaving the dog! He was a scraggley mess and all matted up in places, so I took the clippers to him. Now Gobo looks all cute and puppy like. Hard to believe he'll be one on Oct 15th. Harder still to think of Toby being gone a year. (sniff)
Ok, I have pictures to hang now.... Ya'll be good!

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Russ said...

There is actually a growing thought that says static stretching is not good. It can actually slow you down. A good warm up is all you should need.

That said, a little warm up followed by some stretching is good in my book.

Woody Harrelson's line in Zombieland is right on! "You don't see a lion stretch before he pounces, do you?"