Thursday, September 16, 2010


My last house today had a decidedly creepy vibe to it!
Yes, this lady loves Halloween. Her home was already decorated and ready to go! Aside from having Mikey up there greet you as you walk in, she had the decapitated head thingy pictured above, and Zombie babies eating severed limbs. There were also a shit ton of spiders and webs scattered all over the house, and a dude strapped to an electric chair that went into spasms every time you walked by. It scared the hell out of the little Colombian woman who was working with E and myself today.

And I survived my second session of boot camp! Bonus was when HHH and the kids picked me up and I was surprised with a brand new yoga mat to take with me to boot camp! Whoo! All in all a good day all around if you don't count my boss shitting me out of $100 on my check today!

(PS- I got her ass on the phone and got that rectified REAL QUICK!)

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