Monday, September 20, 2010

Awesome is.....

.... being asked to skate with a really great team for an away game in Fort Lauderdale.

.... doing the endurance portion of dery practice and not feeling as winded.

.... being complimented on my skating and how much it has improved in 6 weeks.

.... being supported by my awesome hubby for all of this.

Yay! I am improving and getting better! I can't wait till next practice. I also can't wait till Boot camp!! I am alreaqdy seeing improvement in my stamina and endurance. i'm sure this will pay off ten fold in the long run and is well worth the hard work and $$ I am paying for it!!! Lord knows, if anyone ever tries to jump me or snatch my purse they will be in for a shock!

Off to bed for another day of work and work..... exercise work that is!


Anonymous said...

It's been two days...your public needs updates!

Paula Reece said...

I am in awe of your awesomeness for being able to a) skate without falling down and b) hitting things (and maybe people) while skating.

If I can get my butt to walk halfway around the block and back, I consider it a real accomplishment these days! Good for you!