Wednesday, September 22, 2010


  • I have been UNPACKING! I have pretty much done the kitchen,(Most important room!), and the desk and computer nook, (Second most important room!). HHH took care of the electronics in the house. Our TV, DVD, BluRay, surround sound, and computer stuff is all set. It's a nice place so far, and unlike last time... we are on the second floor! Now other people have to listen to us instead of the other way around!
  • I've had what I think is a spider bite on my arm for the last week. It's ugly enough that my partner, E, commented on it. Funny thing is, I don't remember getting it?!? It's finally healing, but I'm gonna have a scar. Yay! more scars
  • My kids have had the plague for the last week and a half! The eldest brought it home, and now they all have it! They have been home Monday and Wednesday so far. Eldest is the worst, so much so HHH had to go out and get medicine at Wall to Wall Mart at 2:30am!!! And then she had too much and had a reaction!! FML!! They need to make a tween cold medicine that bridges the gap between adult and child. Sheesh!!!
  • I have been looking at all the photos we have of us as I have been unpacking and I noticed one thing..... Man, I was unhealthy!!! The 60lbs I have dropped and kept off in the past year have really shown in the photos I have been looking at! I can't believe it! Add ti that the muscle I have picked up from derby and holy moley! I am one really healthy girl! I wonder just how close I was to type 2 diabetes a year ago? How close was I to a knee replacement? How close was I to the fibromyalgia that stalks our family? I am gonna take those thoughts to boot camp with me on Thursday and use it as my motivator!
  • I shaved the dog.
  • Work is still on my last ever loving nerve. Thanks to a girl quitting without notice, we are being hammered with 5 or more houses a day. Basically we're having to shove 3 teams of work into two teams of people. I was dragging fanny at the end of Tuesday. I was out so late working I missed Tuesday's boot camp. Not. Happy! I am trying to stick it out till Christmas.... but it's getting harder and harder.... The company is falling apart and the management is taking advantage of those of us still here. A little consideration would be nice.
  • I was asked by Bradenton to go skate an away bout in Ft. Lauderdale against Gold Coast. Can I tell you just how awesome that is??? That they think I have improved enough in 6 weeks skating with them to go skate a bout?? I am so excited!! If you are in the area on Oct 2nd, drop on by!

Well, gotta run. More unpacking to do....


Finn said...

Bugger! The one time you're down my way is on my wedding anniversary! :(

Poppy said...

"I shaved the dog."


Glad your spider bite is healing on its own!!!

Russ said...

"I shaved the dog" Please say that is not a euphemism!

Good job on the weight loss! It ain't easy to do.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean "shave the kitty"?