Thursday, September 30, 2010

Splitting Hairs!

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow.

Guesses as to what I'm doing?


UPDATE: Nevermind.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That is exactly what I did on Wednesday.

First I took Mo to the dentist. This was the continuation of the dentist appointment from two weeks ago. She got her filling today. Just a small one.... she went and did it all by herself too. (I am trying really hard to stop being a hover parent.) Now we are good for 6 months.

After that was taken care of, we came back and relaxed at home, ate some lunch, then headed out to the pool. My little fish swam around for an hour or so then it was time for us to go get the other two from school. Then when we got back we all went to the pool! It was just that nice of a day. I don't know what these people are talking about..... some Tropical Storm Nicole or something......

I was so relaxed. It was so nice. I wasn't harried, wasn't on edge. I cooked a nice dinner, washed up the dishes, and watched Iron Man 2 with HHH. Afterwards HHH and I showered and ... heh, heh...... well, things got "interesting". I have to say, being relaxed really helped. Lately I have been, shall we say, stifled in the intimate department. I have just been exhausted, so exhausted I haven't been able to do much at all. That decision to give my two weeks is looking better and better!

So how was YOUR hump day??

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come Here!!!

If ya got time this weekend.... Come see my debut as a Bomber!


I tend to have problems saying good bye. I prefer to think in terms of, "till we meet again", but lately...... There are a few things I need to say good bye to.
  • Work. Work has become insufferable. I really liked Boss Lady at first. When she bought the company, she had all these grand plans, ideas, and excitement. Now I see that that excitement was going to come at the price of working me into the ground. Being a childless, unfettered, well off woman... she doesn't understand family, kids, and the importance of being there for the ones you love when they need you. I took the demotion in stride, but just recently, she emailed a work contract to me that was completely different from the terms we had spoken about in person. She changed the pay rates she said I would be paid, the nature of my job with the company, and left in several open ended clauses that basically said I was going to be her bitch when ever and where ever. Uh.... no thank you. I am turning in my 2 week notice as of this past Monday. HHH has been run ragged with the kids, work, and me and I need to support him. I need to know I am valued at a company, not just a warm body to abuse.
  • SRG. I am in love with roller derby! I love the sport. I love the team work. I love the camaraderie. Even though the SRG has had its ups and downs... I still love my team. Unfortunately, with me quitting work, I am going to have to officially switch teams to Bradentucky. The distance would just be too great for me to travel on just one income. The ladies in Bradenton have accepted me with open arms and great enthusiasm. I have been able to contribute to practices, learn new things at an exponential rate, and be encouraged at every turn. I haven't wanted to lose my edge in SRG's off season, so I have been taking practice with Bradentucky and it has showed in my skating. I asked the ladies last night if their "illegal alien" could get resident status on their roster and the answer was a resounding yes! Now, the difficult part of breaking that to my current team. I love those ladies of the SRG to death. I am torn about this decision, but fiscal realities are what they are. I won't give up Derby.... I'm just modifying it for me!

So there I am.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The good news: I am still on two feet, mobile, and moving.
The bad news: I may have tweaked my left groin.
Heh..... and I did this the most stupid of ways too! I got to practice almost late, I was throwing on my gear, and started skating with out stretching out. Yep. Dumbass, thy name is Blonde! And we started doing side skating too! Now, normally, that's something I am awesome at! And I was awesome at it too..... til I felt the subtle twinge of "Oh fuck what just happened!?!" Then I was all protective of my shit after that! You can bet I am N-E-V-E-R gonna do that ever again, that being skating without stretching!
On to other things...
I'm also doing something where I am cramping up my left calf. I'm not sure what it is, but when I try to explode off the line, or juke out from behind a blocker, It cramps up and cuts my speed in half almost. I try to stretch it out, but it seems to take several days for it to work itself out. Annoying as hell, it is! I gotta get that sorted out really quickly. Oct 2nd is on it's way and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of the new team!!
And shaving the dog STILL MEANS shaving the dog! He was a scraggley mess and all matted up in places, so I took the clippers to him. Now Gobo looks all cute and puppy like. Hard to believe he'll be one on Oct 15th. Harder still to think of Toby being gone a year. (sniff)
Ok, I have pictures to hang now.... Ya'll be good!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


  • I have been UNPACKING! I have pretty much done the kitchen,(Most important room!), and the desk and computer nook, (Second most important room!). HHH took care of the electronics in the house. Our TV, DVD, BluRay, surround sound, and computer stuff is all set. It's a nice place so far, and unlike last time... we are on the second floor! Now other people have to listen to us instead of the other way around!
  • I've had what I think is a spider bite on my arm for the last week. It's ugly enough that my partner, E, commented on it. Funny thing is, I don't remember getting it?!? It's finally healing, but I'm gonna have a scar. Yay! more scars
  • My kids have had the plague for the last week and a half! The eldest brought it home, and now they all have it! They have been home Monday and Wednesday so far. Eldest is the worst, so much so HHH had to go out and get medicine at Wall to Wall Mart at 2:30am!!! And then she had too much and had a reaction!! FML!! They need to make a tween cold medicine that bridges the gap between adult and child. Sheesh!!!
  • I have been looking at all the photos we have of us as I have been unpacking and I noticed one thing..... Man, I was unhealthy!!! The 60lbs I have dropped and kept off in the past year have really shown in the photos I have been looking at! I can't believe it! Add ti that the muscle I have picked up from derby and holy moley! I am one really healthy girl! I wonder just how close I was to type 2 diabetes a year ago? How close was I to a knee replacement? How close was I to the fibromyalgia that stalks our family? I am gonna take those thoughts to boot camp with me on Thursday and use it as my motivator!
  • I shaved the dog.
  • Work is still on my last ever loving nerve. Thanks to a girl quitting without notice, we are being hammered with 5 or more houses a day. Basically we're having to shove 3 teams of work into two teams of people. I was dragging fanny at the end of Tuesday. I was out so late working I missed Tuesday's boot camp. Not. Happy! I am trying to stick it out till Christmas.... but it's getting harder and harder.... The company is falling apart and the management is taking advantage of those of us still here. A little consideration would be nice.
  • I was asked by Bradenton to go skate an away bout in Ft. Lauderdale against Gold Coast. Can I tell you just how awesome that is??? That they think I have improved enough in 6 weeks skating with them to go skate a bout?? I am so excited!! If you are in the area on Oct 2nd, drop on by!

Well, gotta run. More unpacking to do....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Awesome is.....

.... being asked to skate with a really great team for an away game in Fort Lauderdale.

.... doing the endurance portion of dery practice and not feeling as winded.

.... being complimented on my skating and how much it has improved in 6 weeks.

.... being supported by my awesome hubby for all of this.

Yay! I am improving and getting better! I can't wait till next practice. I also can't wait till Boot camp!! I am alreaqdy seeing improvement in my stamina and endurance. i'm sure this will pay off ten fold in the long run and is well worth the hard work and $$ I am paying for it!!! Lord knows, if anyone ever tries to jump me or snatch my purse they will be in for a shock!

Off to bed for another day of work and work..... exercise work that is!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once More,.... With Feeling!

Ok, so just so you're kept in the loop..... We moved again.
I know, I know.... "OMG! Does Blonde ever stay in one place for longer than 6 months?", but this was something that was needed. When HHH lost his job a few months ago, we fell behind in the bills. That just started a domino effect that we weren't able to recover from. Now that I am taking a cut in pay to save my sanity, we really aren't going to recover so we moved on to HHH's new property where we will get a signifigant discount on rent. It will help us catch up and make life easier. Plus we can save money for things like going to Orlando for hhn20, and to see the fabulous DutchBitch and The Kid. (PS- My 13 y/o daughter is excited to meet a boy from across the atlantic.... oh jeeze! 0_o)
So the break down is: Blonde moved on Saturday.
Blonde unpacked on Sunday.
Broadband to go is fucking awesome!!!
(It's how I am able to write this on a Sunday when there is no service calls to hook up internet!!!)
Should I have a housewarming?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My last house today had a decidedly creepy vibe to it!
Yes, this lady loves Halloween. Her home was already decorated and ready to go! Aside from having Mikey up there greet you as you walk in, she had the decapitated head thingy pictured above, and Zombie babies eating severed limbs. There were also a shit ton of spiders and webs scattered all over the house, and a dude strapped to an electric chair that went into spasms every time you walked by. It scared the hell out of the little Colombian woman who was working with E and myself today.

And I survived my second session of boot camp! Bonus was when HHH and the kids picked me up and I was surprised with a brand new yoga mat to take with me to boot camp! Whoo! All in all a good day all around if you don't count my boss shitting me out of $100 on my check today!

(PS- I got her ass on the phone and got that rectified REAL QUICK!)


I knew it was going to happen.

I knew and tried to be ready for it.

Boss Lady is SO predictable.

Last night I got the text notice that I was paid and my check was in my account. I had kept track of my hours, calculated it out using the figures Boss Lady and I had spoken and agreed on when she came down two weeks ago....

And my check was $200 shorter than my calculations.

I knew she would find a way to screw me. The writing was on the wall when she hired on old owner to do the managers job and old owner couldn't believe I was being worked to death for so little money, being called nights and weekends, being asked to field client inquiries in off times and constantly getting calls at all hours. I saw her purposefully screw over the girlfriend/fiancee of her husband's brother when that girl came to us to work for a short time, so why did I think I'd be any different?

Now it's time to do some investigating. I'll try to grab my check stub this morning if it comes before E and I have to leave and I'll see just how she cheated me. Less pay than we talked about? Did she not put on all my hours... (I did keep track.)? If I do find she has willfully cheated me, there will be some hard decisions to be made. HHH and I will look at our finances, and I may be leaving sooner than I thought.

Oh, and to top it all off? I got to find another email where Boss Lady and New Manager blamed something on me that wasn't my fault. I just L-O-V-E getting the blame for something that had not shit one of a thing to do with me.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sung to the tune of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

First I was afraid, I was PETRIFIED!
Kept thinking I would never keep up,
Or that I would die...
But then I spent so many nights
Thinking how I must be wrong
I need to be strong
And I will learn to get along...

And I'll come back
Day after day
You will walk in
and see me there
a real glad look upon my face
I'll do my circuits, I will jog
I will strengthen every day
It may hurt a little bit
But I like it all that way

And yes oh I....
I will survive!
Boot camp will make me strong
And I will be lots healthier all along.
I will kick ass in derby too,
You best watch out
Or I'll hit you!
I will survive....
I will survive!!!

Apologies to the lovely Gloria for me mangling her song for my own entertainment!!

PS- I survived the first session of boot camp!


I start boot camp tonight. I'm hoping it will help me break through the plateau I have been stuck on ever since losing all the weight I did last year. I have kinda been stuck where I am and haven't been able to push past it.I want to push past it. I need to get more muscle. I need to lighten up on my skates so I can be a faster blocker.

We will see just how tired I am later tonight.

Pray for me!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Imma Be...

Taking my daughter to the dentist this morning.
Then home.
Then ballet for her.
Then Derby for me.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


So.... I didn't post yesterday. It was out of respect for the 9/11 memorial. I figured a moment of silence for each victim, plus a moment of silence for all the first responders that have passed due to complications from working the site would equal a whole day or more of silence.

I want to say I am thankful that I have my family.A husband who loves me, children who I adore and would go down swinging for, and a home where I can be anything I choose to be. I can start from nothing and rise up to any height I want.... all I have to have is the gumption and will. I can rise from the ashes of defeat again and again, (and I have!), to be master of my destiny.

I accept those who are different from me. I don't care that they are colored different. I don't care whom they want to worship. I don't care if they dress different, talk different, or act different. If they can accept me, I can accept them.

I am a wife, a mother, a roller girl, a manager, a woman of meaning......

I am an American.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Being The Better Person....

... means even though you saw the shitty emails about you, (as I mentioned yesterday), you still work a whole cleaning shift, come back to the office, start the laundry, input the hours into the computer, log in the payments from clients, and prepare the books for the next day.

Yesterday the old owner/new manager said something really funny. One of the girls had called out because she caught the crud that had been going around and then when new manager realized she would have to clean the entire day THEN go back and get the office cleared up and the next days books made up, she said...

"I am going to ask for more money because Boss Lady is not spending labor money when I go out and clean all day, but if I have to be here till 7 or 8 at night just to finish the office work because of that cleaning, it isn't fair to me."

I was trying REALLY HARD not to laugh. That's what I had been having to do for the past year and a half. I was never offered more money, benefits, zilch! When I would mention that I was feeling over worked, it was always blown off. (and then more work was piled on me.) Oh well, I wished her luck and then went about my day.

I wonder how long New Manager will put up with Boss Lady's shit??

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Word Of Advice.... all the bosses out there...

Don't say someone did a great job in a manager's position, then trash that same person to the new manager in an email that the old manager can still read because you are too stupid to realize she still can access the email. She will get really pissed off and could be planning a permanent exit at the end of the year. It's in poor taste.

But I guess I should have seen it coming because Boss Lady did that all the time, even with the fiancee of her husband's brother when she worked for us. Why should I be so different?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, about yesterday....

Ihad to show the old owner all the "new & fun" things the new owner had instituted since buying the place. Things like forms, phone logs, daily faxed reports, etc etc etc.... She wasn't thrilled about that. I had to show her the new and more updated software we were using now. I introduced her to a few of the new ladies, but then had to leave because I had a 4 house route and needed to get on that. I had to stay after I got done so I could show her how we put everything into the computer now... hours, payments, blah blah blah.... and then she said "Oh Boss Lady made an estimate for us at 4:30pm." WTF?!? I went to do the estimate and then took car 1 home with me because there was no fucking way I was doing an estimate all the way in Bradenton, then driving all the way back to the office, then waiting for HHH to come pick me up! It was OK though, because J, the old owner, said to just take the car home and bring it back in the morning. I like her way of thinking already!

So the rest of this week will probably play out that I will get to the office early to maybe help with the paperwork, then go do my route. It may eventually get to me only having to do my route, but I think it would be good for me to back up J so if she ever has to take a day off I can just step in and run things smoothly. Plus there are several accounts that will only work with me anyway....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here We Go...

So today when the ladies get in for work, I'm not gonna be in charge. I'm just going to get my stuff together for my route, give the old owner her keys, and go about my day.

Hope she/they will enjoy!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


It's labor Day.... so what am I doing?

  • Laundry.
  • Cleaning the kitchen.
  • House work.
  • Baked a cake.
  • Cleaned my bedroom.
  • Not relaxing.

What the hell is WRONG with me???

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'mma gonna let u finish this post, but Blondefabulous is at the pool and then yo fav-o-rite rolla gurl will be at Astro Skate to mebbe be knockin' down sum bitches and ho's.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


So, boss lady filled me in on how things are gonna work for the next 8 months.

  1. I am going to be leading team 1.
  2. the old owner will be back to do the office and whip the ladies into shape.
  3. I am now only going to make $10.25 an hour.
  4. That last one sucks ass.
Now, granted, I won't have the headaches I have been having over the last year. No one texting me at 5am giving me some bull shit excuse as to why their sorry ass can't come to work, no one just deciding, "I don't FEEL like doing my last house so I'm not gonna and let Blonde get screamed at by the customer later for it cause I didn't tell her about it.", or anything like that anymore. I can sleep in, sort of, and just do my little job for a while. Problem is we are going to have to move again. I'm basically taking a $2 pay cut when you break it down. Ouch! So now we get to move because of me this time.

Whoop dee fucking do.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday! Three day weekend. Home with HHH & the kids for every day of it!!

I am SO gonna enjoy this!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pucker What?!?

Is it just me, or does it look like someone at Wonka didn't think this candy offering through?!?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

She's Back.

So, Boss Lady is here for a week. She's supposed to be finding my replacement for in the office. SHe's also going to work on hiring a few extra people. I am sincerely hoping she gets some tight ass fucker in the office who will make the ladies, (with the exception of @mommielicious) regret EVER having fucked with me! I know it isn't good Karma to wish bad shit on people, but I was screwed over to the point of wanting to quit a job I love. Karma needs to start working in my direction for a change!