Saturday, August 28, 2010


Spent today doing laundry, chores, and playing with the kids. Playing with the kids was the best. In a small homage to my own childhood, I put on a bikini and we went out and turned on the sprinkler. Yes people, I did just say me & bikini in the same sentence! Amazing, I know. And I'm no anorexic model either. I have boobs that refuse to sit in a regular bikini top. I have a black tank that I use, I just fold it under so it doesn't cover my tummy. Anywho, we were out there for a bit when Rebecca suggested "Lets get the slip n slide." So we got the slip and slide. I took video, and NO I did not go down the slip and slide. Sorry.

So that's basically what we're doing this weekend. What you all got going on?

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