Monday, August 9, 2010


  • Today sucked ass. It sucked really sweaty, rancid ass. It just follows up the ass sucking weekend I had just pass. You know, where I was tweeting all weekend that I came down with the stomach flu on Saturday at 4am, and couldn't stop puking long enough to make the last bout of the SRG season?? Yeah... that.
  • So I had one employee call in with "car trouble" and another just not even show this morning. That added to the employee that quit on Friday and I was up shit creek without a paddle. I had to reschedule the bitchy touchy feely client and she was oh so happy about that. <--- sarcasm. Sigh....
  • I haven't gotten any decent applications for the opening we have. I either get people who aren't legal to work here in the US, or somone who has experience in other arenas... like bartending or landscaping. WTF??
  • I need a hair cut. Bad.
  • HHH is the bestest for taking care of me this weekend while I was incapacitated. He got me soup, let me sleep, heped me walk when I needed to, and let me veg to absolutely idiot TV. Love that man.
  • The Derby season is over. I still feel shitty I missed it, puking or not. I hate not being able to fulfill obligations. It fucks with my head.
  • Mommielicious is doing absolutely awesome at the green cleaning company! I have now fast tracked her to team lead management!! More $$ and more responsibility. I won't make the same mistake the grocery store did on her and let her get away!!!!
  • I am going to bed now.This is gonna be a looooooong week.


Poppy said...

I am so sad for you that you were sick and missed your last bout of the season. :( But yay for HHH taking care of you!!!

Miss Anarchy said...

I'm sorry you missed your last bout! That sucks, but I hope you are finally feeling better.

As for the applicants you are getting, I guess times are tough and the landscapers and bartenders are getting laid off too. Good luck finding someone!