Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have made the decision to go on a road trip! Till SRG works their business out, I'm gonna skate as much as I can, watch as much derby on YouTube as I can, and go to as many bouts as I can to get knowledge. This one caught my eye. It's the Orlando League, but with a twist. They say they are Florida's only "Old School" derby league. I have no idea what that means! So I Googled that shit, as one blogger is wont to say. What I found was this:

"OSDA is very proud to follow the example of Leo Seltzer who created and developed the only sports program that allows men and women to compete by the same rules on the same track."

I think that sounds pretty damn awesome! Teams can choose banked or flat tracks. Have co-ed teams, and most importantly, work with stars from the past to make the sport of roller derby even more awesome for the future!

So now I am planning to be in Orlando on September 12th for a triple header of tradition and hard hits!

Who wants to go with?!?


Nicole said...

*raises hand*

ME ME ME ME!!!!!

Miss Anarchy said...

I may meet you over there. I have a friend Felix Bashit that skates with them. Old School Derby Assoication teams have different rules than WFTDA. I know there are more allowed types of blocks, so it seems rougher, but the major blocks are still not allowed and penalties are longer. Also there is no passing the star. and the lead jammer status changes during each jam.