Thursday, August 5, 2010


I hate it when people stir up shit. I really do. I really hate it when this stirring of shit involves me in some way. I have enough drama in my life. I have two kids who are type one insulin dependant diabetics. I have a husband who has a hard time keeping a job because in this economy, last hired is first fired. I have a job that takes up a shitload of my time every day, sometimes into the weekend. My family has been homeless twice. My husband almost had a heart attack at 31. I can go on and on and on......

Now we have shit being stirred up at derby.

And don't get me wrong, everyone has growing pains when you start a new sports team. You see it all the time. There are issues that need to be dealt with, both financial, physical, and mental. By joining this sports team, I took on my share of those issues, like paying my dues every month, making sure I have all the right equipment, and getting my head in the game both at practice and in the bouts. This is my therapy, my exercise, and the thing I do for myself, because a life lived only for others, however wonderful it may seem, is a life that is missing a little something. The other day SRG had a few reporters from the Herald-Tribune at practice. This was announced before hand in a group email sent to us all. We knew people were there to take pictures and write up a little something about us because there is a bout on 8/7. After the obligatory warm ups and laps, we did our yoga stretches and brought it in for a pre practice pow wow.

That's where the shit hit the fan!

Suddenly there was accusations flying, questions being shouted, and tomfoolery being spouted, and try as she might, out fearless leader could not get it through to these people that "HEY THERE IS A REPORTER HERE AND HE IS LISTENING TO ALL THIS SHIT!!!!!!!" I sat back and listened, as is my way, and I thought there were valid points being made, but it was neither the time, nor the place to be making them. Not in front of the reporter, his photographer, AND the little girl and her mom for whom a part of the proceeds of out take will go to. I spoke up about that, and that only. Hashing out your issues is one thing, but hashing them out in front of strangers is a whole other enchilada! That was my only beef with the whole thing. Let's do this somewhere private and between just us members!

Enter the internet.....

There have been emails, and group posts flying around ever since this all went down. It has been all over the map from "So glad someone spoke up." to "OMG she said what??". At one point, it seemed so tense in our Google group that I chimed in with...

"I think it was best said when I heard the phrase, Shut Up And Skate. I'm not here for drama."

I got that from a t-shirt that someone had worn to practice and thought a bit of comedic levity would take the edge off the seriousness everyone seems to have mired themselves in. WRONG O!!!!!

Now I'm the one being attacked. Apparently no one got the joke of quoting T-shirts as a funny thing. It has stopped short of me being called out on my beliefs and what I want from my derby experience, but either way....


Yes, we are going to have a meeting, and even though some may not like it, we are holding that meeting for the practice after Saturday's bout so we can concentrate on the real obstacle, which is Bradenton. After that, let the meetings begin, but lets stay focused on one thing at a time shall we? Change is good. Change is how we evolved into the people we are today. Change will help SRG evolve into a better organization..... but if you are trying to force a change on someone, it just isn't gonna work. I would rather laugh about something to relieve the tension than confront someone and fight about it. That's just who I am.

And just so you know.... When I was in 5th grade at the good ol' Okeechobee 5th & 6th Grade Center in the podunk little town of Okeechobee Florida, there was a day set aside and called "Career Day" where you were supposed to dress up like the career you wanted to do when you grew up. While all of the other kids were dressing up in their parents suits, doctor's scrubs, and military uniforms, I was a lone little girl, dressed in a white shirt and shorts, carrying my skates over my shoulder. When we stood up in class to describe what we wanted to be when we grew up, I proudly announced I wanted to be in the roller derby......

...and was laughed at. At 11 years old.

I'm a proud member of the Sarasota Roller Girls. I'm living my dream.

Who's laughing now?

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