Monday, August 2, 2010

Losin' It!

I swear to frickin' Jebus if I don't quit forgetting shit I will lose my shit right here!

I forget EVERYTHING! All the freakin' time. I used to think I was a dumb blonde, but apparently it's the Celiac's and how my brain developed when I was growing up that eventually resulted in me being the ditziest blonde on the planet! I have forgotten people, places, appointments, notes, work shit, etc... etc.... etc....... You name it, I forgot/forget it! It's shitty and when I was in college, I even took a course about how to better manage my time and life because apparently my professors and friends thought I was a total idiot and lazy ass! Yep....... Well, let's see what I have to balance in the coming days, shall we? My day will go kinda like this...

5:30am- Get up. Get dressed
6am- Get children up. Dressed. Fed. Shot Up. Equipped.

6:45am- Leave for the day, all kids in tow!
7am- Get 1st child to middle school.
7:15am- Get to elementary school to wait, check email.
7:30am- Kick last two kids out the car and head to work.
7:35am- Get to work, get the girls out the door, deal with any crises.
8am to 2:30pm- Work, work, work!
2:35pm- Pick up middle school kid.
2:50pm- Pickup Elementary kids.
3:10pm- Drop kids off at home and rush back to work.
3:30pm to 6pm- Work, work, work!
6pm- GO HOME!
6:30pm- make dinner, help with homework, get my stuff done.
8pm Tue & Thur- Go to derby practice.
10pm- Come home and shower or just shower.
10:30pm- Go to sleep!!

See? I am gonna be killing myself for the next school year when it all starts up on the 23rd of this month! God help me! Someone help me! I need it! Now add to all that the fact that random facts in my head will suddenly disappear and you get Mom of the Year!(NOT!!!) Sigh......

When will the brain transplant thereapy be done being perfected???

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Janelle said...

My kids start school Friday, as in the day after tomorrow. Gah! That is really going to put a hamper in my plans. The picking up and dropping off is a pain! I don't know if your pick up line is 5 hours long with mean parking lot/teachers/whatever they are with the MOVE UP! MOVE UP! TO the RED cone! RED Cone!" and the hand motions of an airport person. I'm like, 'Ok, Ok, can I put my foot on the gas for a second because the sound of your voice does not infact make my car move!"