Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Headboard!

So.... this was what I decided to get from CSN Stores this time around. My daughter, who was finally getting a room of her own, needed a head board for her bed. I went to the CSN website and got this lovely little twin headboard.
She picked the Badger Basket Twin Headboard in cherry finish. She liked it because it had the two insets at the top that she can draw on with a dry erase marker. We also saw that if she wanted, it was part of a larger system of bedding and furniture, so later we could add to the bedroom.
Today's drawing du jour was a ninja! And we all know, everything is better with ninjas! At first, I was worried about the headboard and if it would stand up to a 13 year old teenager, (The box it came in was only 10 lbs!)but I have to say that, after a month, it has done really well. It hasn't broken, fallen apart, or disintegrated!
So, as you can see, she is really enjoying her headboard. I thought it was a little dark for the room, but she is enjoying changing the white boards every other day. I have to say at $38.95 it was a bargain as well. Even if she had torn it up in the month she had it, I could afford to get another one as well! Thanks CSN for helping a teen find a great piece of furniture!


Russ said...

But how do you keep the marker from getting all over the rest of the room?

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: She's 13. That doesn't happen any more.